Tributes to Katie and Nate

I know I am not alone.  Speaking with some of you, Katie’s absence in our lives is a very difficult reality to accept given what a bright light she was for so many.

Can you do us a favor?  We’d like to be able to share with Nate when he is older, some of the things that we all know about Katie that he will sadly not get to learn on his own.

We’ve got a big community here and on the Facebook page of people visiting the site for the person Katie was, who touched each of us in her unique way, big and small.  But we fear that some of you are afraid to post for whatever reasons.

Katie and Nate at Crispelli's Pizza (May 2013)

Katie and Nate at Crispelli’s Pizza (May 2013) – Can you tell Nate loves pizza?

Katie kept in touch with many in her life, sometimes not always with the frequency she wished, but always with the feeling that you had always been in touch when you did catch up.  She collected and cherished friends and loved ones for life, valuing each of you — from those that she was in close-relationships with, those she loved liked family, those who shared life experiences with her, those that she worked alongside and worked to help… to those who shared her pure and undeniable joys of motherhood with.  She sparked a bright light in our lives.

Will you join us in all sharing something about Katie that has stuck with you, or how she mothered, or something you miss, or whatever you wish…. on:

Can be a few words or a longer story.  All are welcome.

I think we will all benefit from this in this time of sadness and loss, as we keep Katie’s vibrant spirit alive by sharing how she impacted each of us big and small.  We would be so honored to hear from you all, no matter how Katie impacted your life.  If you wish to remain anonymous, just use a fake name and/or email address (email address not shown pubiclly)

And over time, maybe this page can be a living memorial to Katie, by you all coming back to the Thoughts and Memories page whenever you are thinking of Katie and sharing with us as your lives go forward, and Katie lives on with you.

Here is to Katie and how she impacted us all!  May we share her love for a long time.

Love to you all.

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  1. Dear Nate,

    My name is Erin and I am a friend of your mom’s from Camp Tanuga. It is a beautifully magical place that I know your mom would love to have you go there. There are so many activities you can do, all that you can imagine and wish to do. Last but not least are the most wonderful lasting relationships, friendships, and confidants that withstand time and distance..beautiful memories that are created and a lifetime experience that is unforgettable.


  2. I thought of Katie today as I was trying to decide what to wear to an upcoming family reunion! She was so talented at putting together the perfect outfit!


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