Two months and still feeling lost

Hey everyone – Sorry for the delay in updates.  It is hard to believe that it was two months ago last night that our Katie left us for a more peaceful place.  Last night Tammy and a few of us who were available had dinner at one of Katie’s favorite restaurants (Pita Cafe, middle eastern) and then headed over to the house for a bonfire to share stories about Katie.  She is so missed and it still seems like we were talking with her just the other day.  Grief is a funny thing – as we gradually accept that our friend and loved one is no longer with us.


A little brisk last night, but we gathered on the two-month anniversary to share stories, and the love that Katie gave and still gives.  (Tammy, Barbara and Jodi)

Early last month there was a bigger bonfire gathering as well, complete with kids’ bikes and s’mores.  It was a nice gathering as the families, local and out-of-towners, were able to get to know each other better.  Katie was there in spirit as we play some of her favorite music.

A family bonfire on a warmer day

A family bonfire on a warmer day

Many in Huntington Woods and surrounding communities sadly are still dealing with cleaning up flooded basements from the huge storm on August 11th.  Both Katie and Tammy’s houses had bad flooding and the work continues.  In the weeks afterwards, the piled debris at the curbsides while driving through the neighborhoods showed the huge impact on most.  The streets were flooded due to the all the rain, and into the basements it found it’s way for many communities in the area.

As usual, if you have thoughts or stories you wish to share, please head over to the Thoughts and Memories page.

Also, I’ve put the audio and video of the service on this website, on the Peacefully at Rest page, since it is no longer available at the funeral home website.

Will be adding more of Katie’s music to the site without the need for Spotify over the next few weeks.  Easier for you all to listen to some of her favorite tunes.

“Peace Out” for now, as Katie would say, and love to you all.

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  1. Beautiful post for our beautiful girl- miss her and say hello to her picture on my fridge every day- she and Chuck are with me each morning me as I sip my morning coffee. Bonfires look so nice. Wish I were there.


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