Four Months and Remembering Katie

Hello all –  It has been almost four months now since our Katie peacefully left us.  In some ways it seems like just the other day.  We remembered Katie last night with another bonfire, and shared some laughs amongst the tears.  She was there with us in spirit on the cool fall evening, as we enjoyed the warmth of the fire, and the warmth of knowing those of you afar were with us too in thought.  For we all are going through the same struggle.

November Bonfire on a cool Michigan night

Sharing stories and memories of Katie, we aim to keep her with us, and celebrate the person she was.  Though it is hard not being able to ask her sage advice, see her beautiful smiling face, or be taken over by her laughter and wit, we all are adjusting to a life where Katie is with us in our hearts now.

Join us in celebrating Katie by lighting a candle or picking up some flowers to brighten your day.  And as always, feel free to share memories on the Tribute page.


One piece of bad news about the Katie Kits is that most all of them were lost in August rain storm that flooded Katie’s basement with 10 inches of sewage water.  Huntington Woods and the surrounding communities were overwhelmed with a “100-year” downpour that caused massive flooding of basements all over the area.  We are working on replacing the lost Katie Kits as the recipients are immuno-compromised during treatment.  If you would like to help in this, please visit the Project Give-Back page for details.


UPDATE:  Elana G just sent this photo of her remembering Katie.  Thanks for sharing Elana!!

From Elana: Thinking of Katie

From Elana: Thinking of Katie


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  1. It is always comforting to get together and to be in the space that Katie so beautifully made her home. Thank you Ashby for organizing another lovely evening in Katie’s honor. Let’s continue the tradition. Missing her dearly, Shana


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