December Bonfire Burning Strong

Well, the bonfire last night went well into the wee hours of the morning, as we remembered Katie five months to the day since her passing.  A good gathering of folks, including Holly in from Chicago, marked the day with fond memories and heartfelt reflection of our amazing Katie K.

Several were noting that Katie would be happy that we are all still gathering, jovially conversing, and helping each other on our paths through grief.  The bonfires were a favorite when Katie was alive, and she would be honored that we are keeping up the tradition.

Poor Tammy (Katie’s Mom) is dealing with the flu bad enough to keep her home, even passing up the large party platter from her favorite sushi restaurant, along with some Middle Eastern yumminess.  Bellies full, we celebrated with hot and cold adult beverages while roasting the obligatory s’mores.  A little chill in the air, but the nine of us chatted fireside for hours, with Katie the subject often.  The fire burned until 4 am.

December Bonfire burning late into the night

December Bonfire burning late, late into the night

We were noting how many of you share some of these posts on Facebook, and while we don’t know who is sharing (only see a count) or what you are posting on your personal timelines, it brings us all some comfort in the number of people who stop by to read this site.  Katie’s impact was broad and deep, and I know many of you are missing her dearly.

If you feel like it, do post on our Thoughts and Memories page, or comment on any blog posting – to let us know you are out there!!  It appears that a lot of you are talking about Katie of Facebook, and we would love to let Tammy read some of the things being said on your personal timelines.

Peace and love to you all.

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  1. Just to be clear for privacy-minded folks, we can only see a total count of people who have shared a post, with the number next to the Facebook share button above.


  2. Another lovely post Ashby.It was a great bonfire and a wonderful night with Katie’s friends all around. Lots of laughter and a few tears. Her presence was felt by all. She was surely with us, and Chuck (Charles, Charlie) was too- enjoying the warmth of the fire and the love.


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