Happy Birthday Tammy!!!!

Wishing a very happy birthday today to a special person, with a huge heart – Tammy Kramer!  You have always been a dedicated mother and grandmother of 4 grandkids, who stepped up when Katie needed you most.  I know these are tough days still, but your grace and strength show through even on the darkest days.  Your laughter and sense of humor compliment your compassion and caring.

Here is hoping that your birthday today, and the year ahead, are full of peace and love for you and those around you!  Wishing you some smiles amidst the tears.

Love to you Tammy!

UPDATE: Jan 25th —  We took Tammy out for birthday Sushi on Sunday.  Fun evening out with some of Katie’s girls!

Tammy's Birthday Dinner (Jan 2015) - Amanda, Barbara, Jodi, Tanya, Shana, Ashby, Tammy, Reggie

Tammy’s Birthday Dinner (Jan 2015) – Amanda, Barbara, Jodi, Tanya, Shana, Ashby, Tammy, Reggie

Tammy's Birthday Dessert (Jan 2015)

Tammy’s Birthday Dessert (Jan 2015)

Tammy Then and Now….
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  1. Dear Tammy,
    A very happy birthday to you. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you.
    Larry Dubin


  2. Happy birthday! Looking forward to celebrating with you on Sunday!


    1. Thank you Tanya


  3. Happy Birthday, Tammy! Hope you have a great birthday weekend. Lots of love to you!


    1. Thank you Kitty.


  4. Thank you Larry.


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