Missing Chuck – Two years out

Hi All, we are remembering Chuck Kramer this weekend, as he passed away in his sleep two years ago yesterday.  Chuck was a rock for Katie especially during her struggles the last several years, and he is dearly missed.  It was with sudden shock that we learned of his unexpected passing two short years ago.  He lived such an interesting life and gave so much to many.

Chuck was with Katie for all of her doctor appointments and procedures.  When cleaning out Katie’s house last month we found a diary where he was keeping track of what Katie was eating and her progress during her initial chemotherapy treatments.  Chuck and Tammy helped Katie immensely through the chemo, radiation and surgery, and beyond.  And before that Chuck had encouraged Katie to get her PhD and follow her dreams.  As well as lifetime of leading many family adventures, in the motorhome and beyond.

Katie kept this photo of her Dad on her bedroom wall:

Chuck at the wheel of the motorhome, and "On the Road Again" now....

Chuck at the wheel of the motorhome, and “On the Road Again” now….

And this was a few weeks before his passing:

The Kramers at dinner (Feb 2013)

The Kramers at dinner (Feb 2013) – Chuck, Katie, Jordan and Tammy

We miss you dearly Chuck, and know that you and Katie are looking down on us now.  You were one of a kind and a special part of many of our lives.  Miss your quick wit, wisdom, sense of adventure and compassion.

Raising a toast to you tonight Chuck!

— See more photos and post your thoughts on the memorial page for Chuck here

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  1. Big love going out to the universe for Chuck, Katie & my dad who was great pals with Charlie. Miss them! 💙💙💜

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    1. Thanks for sharing some wonderful love, Elana! Big love indeed for your Dad, Charlie and Katie. Sorry for your loss.


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