Feeling Love After 8 Months

Remembering Katie as it marks 8 months today since her passing. Her love is shining brightly in all of us everyday.

Spring is breaking through here in Michigan, with the temp jumping over freezing and the snow starting to melt. These sunny days are when Katie for sure would have been out running, walking with her departed four-legged loves, Heine and Emily, or biking around town with her speedy and active love Nate.

Look around and you might see Katie showing us signs that she is still with us, looking out for us and wishing us all well. I think of her smile often and it in turn brings me to share my smile a little more with folks in my day. And I think of her caring heart as well, which helps me be more open to other’s struggles.

Let’s all celebrate Katie today and enjoy some time outside in the sun and 50 degree temps this weekend. Smile more. Love more. And let Katie warm your heart.

– Peace to you

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  1. What an inspirational way to start the season– Katie’s smile and Katie’s heart are blooming still. Love it.


  2. Beautifully said and a beautiful picture of her and Nate too. I think of Katie always.


  3. My name is kellie. I went to middle school with Katie. We weren’t friends but I thought she was nice.

    This is gong to make me sound crazy, my husband agrees.

    She contacted me yesterday. I was half asleep then I had this overwhelming feeling to google her. I found that she has passed on.
    Bottom line is this:
    She wants you to know she is still with you.
    Listen to the music, listen to your thoughts and listen to your heart.
    Her spirit is very strong and she is with you.
    It was a very strange experience. I have never had one like that before. But I think she really wanted me to pass along the message. I hope it makes you feel better. Kellie


    1. Thank you so much for posting this Kellie! I am glad Katie reached out to you. Her spirit always was very strong, so I am not surprised that she is still looking out for us all.

      I know the message she sent through you is for all who knew and loved her, so we can all take some time to listen to her music, and to our thoughts and heart. I for one am gonna put on some Katie music right now! 🙂

      Thanks again Kellie!



    2. AND… I don’t think you are crazy! Appreciate you letting us all know about your experience. Personally I am a little envious! Hope you have a great day Kellie.



      1. I would like to share a little more of the experience I had with Katie. I have to tell you I really didn’t know her. I don’t think we ever had a conversation at norup. Once I googled her and found that she had passed on I felt the message she wanted to pass on. Then I thought: put me in the right place at the right time and I will pass along the message. Then I saw the blog. I asked myself what if it’s not the Katie that grew up in Huntington Woods and went to Norup. Then I saw somewhere that she grew up in Huntington woods and I saw her age. My next question was: what if it’s still not her. I need to see a picture. Then a picture of her came up on the computer and I knew it was her. Every time a question was answered I got really emotional. Then I thought how do you want me to pass this along. Then the life of Chuck blog came up. Her dad? So I wrote my original message on there. I was still thinking a lot about it today and I wanted to make sure you got the message so I reposted it on this blog. After this was done I felt peace and I felt her smile. It was a cool experience.
        Take care: Kellie
        Ps. i can’t remember the name of her very close friend in the article that I read but I do remember that it really stuck out!


        1. Thanks again for this Kellie. Giving me goosebumps! Cool that she wanted to post it on her Dad’s page. They are together now!

          Take care as well – Ashby

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