Yahrtzeit is this Monday

Hi friends and loved ones,

We are approaching the one year anniversary of dear Katie’s passing. This coming Monday, July 13th will be the Yahrtzeit, the Jewish tradition of honoring a family member on the one year anniversary of their death. I am learning this myself, but it involves lighting a Yahrtzeit candle that will burn for 24 hours, and saying a prayer.

I’d like to ask a couple things of you all — to help Tammy (Katie’s Mom), Jordan and David (Katie’s brothers) through this difficult date.  And maybe help each other as well.

We thought it might be nice to commemorate the date with personal reflection on the year since dear Katie passed on.  If you feel so inspired can you send the family a note, card or email, with your thoughts and reflections, for Monday’s Yahrtzeit?  What Katie still means to you and how you are coping with the loss. Maybe some bright thoughts about how Katie still lives within you.

You can postal mail them to:
Tamara Kramer
25715 Salem Rd
Huntington Woods MI 48070

Or you can email, by sending to – TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com – and I will forward them on to the family.

We respect your privacy of your personal letters, however we thought some of you might want to also share your letters on a special webpage that we will create here, so Nate can someday read them.  So, if you hand-write a letter or card, and wish to also share it here just add a P.S. to confirm it is “ok to share” it, and I will transcribe it.  Likewise, if you email your letter, similarly add a P.S. to confirm it’s “okay to share” here.

Yahrtzeit Candle

Yahrtzeit Candle

One last thing for Yahrtzeit – if you can email photos anytime on Monday or before – of you holding a candle, a candle with a sign, or just a simple candle and maybe a flower – we’ll have a gallery here on Monday of the many Yahrtzeit candles all aglow together.  In fact, in addition to candles we’d love to see whatever photos you’d like to share on this tough anniversary.

Just email to the same – TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com – with any photo captions (who and where you are) and we’ll post them Monday.

Yahrtzeit Candles

Yahrtzeit Candles

Thank you in advance for giving Tammy, Jordan and David a big hug and some light on a difficult day ahead.

As always, Peace and Love!

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