We Swam Wing Lake In Honor Of Katie!

On two of Katie’s birthdays at Wing Lake, her 42nd and 43rd, she swam across the lake by herself, a mile round trip.  She loved swimming and would do so for hours at the gym too.  It was a way to overcome the pain she had with walking long distances.  So this evening a few of us ventured to repeat the feat in her honor.  And some others gathered to cheer us on.  Erin, Amanda, Shari and I swam the lake.  Neal piloted the support canoe, along with 3 kids who were amazed with their Mother’s feats!  Tanya and Jodi came to support us, along with Neal’s Mom Roz.

This morning I spread a small amount of Katie’s ashes at the beach – in the water by the shore so she could swim with us, next to the firepit so she could enjoy bonfires, and beside one of the benches to sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and waves rippling.  Katie loved the lake and found peace in its waters and beauty.  Nate loved playing in the water and on the raft, romping in the water with Katie’s girlfriend’s kids.  He also loved taking canoe rides with canoe-master Tammy, Katie’s Mom, aka Bubbie.

Missing Katie alot, but trying to honor her in different ways.  I am filled with appreciation for all this community that still loves her.  I hold her in my heart, and the image of her smiling face helps the feeling of being somewhat adrift without her sage advice and loving heart.

Thought I was doing well with the grief, until her birthday was approaching three weeks ago. And now with the Yahrzeit last week, realize that the feelings of loss are still just under the surface. Lots of teary eyes last week, as the vivid timeless memories come back. Doesn’t seem like a whole year has passed. Was grateful to spend most of the anniversary of Katie’s passing with her Mom and brother, as we went for a walk along the Detroit Riverwalk, cruised around Belle Isle and then had a quiet dinner with a few others last night at a restaurant Katie used to work at in high school.

Katie was so unique in her loving heart, kindness, wit, wisdom, sense of justice and her great advice. I miss our long talks and peaceful times by the bonfire. But trying to live in her love, and let that still inspire me.

This time would have been and would still be harder without all of you. If anything, I am appreciating the love expressed for Katie, and work keep her love close.

So be loved my dear friends. We are not alone in our journeys, we have each other and Katie still looking out for us.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Great pics, Ashby. No wonder she liked that like so much.


  2. Ooops, liked that LAKE so much!


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