Riding 150 Miles To Raise Money For More Katie Kits

Hello Friends – Wanted to let you know about a fundraiser for more Katie Kits that I will be doing the weekend, as October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us.  I will be riding 150 miles over two days around Frankenmuth, MI, with the hopes of raising more money so we can continue the supply of Katie Kits to women cancer patients (and men who want one as well).

We kicked off Katie’s Project Give-Back last month, donating 3 iPod Nanos to stay onsite at the radiation clinic’s treatment rooms, as well as 30 Katie Kits to be given to women undergoing treatment.  The items in the Katie Kit are what Katie herself used in helping to get through her multiple radiation treatment courses.  The tote bag has Katie’s own artwork on both sides, which she created after getting diagnosed, her talents blossoming in the midst of turmoil.  The vanilla fragrance oil roll-on is a perfect aromatherapy treatment for the numerous sessions, the 2 different lotions help on the affected areas of skin, an eyemask helps keep one calm during treatment, and a pair of headphones that won’t fall off is included so people can plug into the 3 iPod Nanos onsite and listen to one of six playlists we loaded on them.

Ashby's July Ride Fundraiser

Ashby ready for another Fundraiser

I rode in a similar two-day 180-mile ride in July, raising money for MS as a close friend is dealing with that disease.  But for this ride I am riding for Katie Kits on the eve of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  My aim is to extend the supply of Katie Kits to the radiation clinic in Pontiac, where Katie got her treatment and sage medical advice from her doctor there.  Katie wanted to help other people directly, and the radiation treatments she found to be the more difficult than her chemo treatments.  As noted on the Project Details page, Katie stated that the radiation treatments were tough as you had to be still for 20 minutes while in a noisy and cold room to keep the beams in line.  She noted that it was the “Scariest part of the journey for me….being burned from the inside out.”  So Project Give-Back and her Katie Kits were born….

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

Like I mentioned, we donated 30 Katie Kits so far to the clinic, but we’d like to be able to donate some more and continue Katie’s vision.  So, this is why I am taking to the bike this weekend.  Would you like to help us in our efforts??  See below for info on the 2015 Katie Kit Mix CD I will be sending out as well….

Two ways to give:

  • Click “Donate” button below to give to Project Give-Back via Secure PayPal site (with or without a PayPal account – LOOK for the “Continue” link under “Don’t have a PayPal account?“).  All money goes to buy and donate Katie Kits directly to patients.

    — and/or —

  • Visit the Katie K Merchandise Store with items featuring art that Katie created after she was diagnosed.  Choose from 8 different designs.  A third of each item’s price comes to us to fund more Katie Kits.

2015 Katie Kit Mix CD

As the donation link sends me your mailing address, I will be sending a special 2015 Katie Kit Mix CD to all donors!  This will include some of Katie’s favorite tunes!  If you purchase something from the Merchandise Store (don’t get any address info from them) and would also like a CD, just email me your mailing address to theLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com to join in the fun!

We are not a non-profit (for now) so unfortunately donations are not tax deductible.

More detailed info: Katie’s Project Give-Back Details page

Please share with your friends if you think they would be interested!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Added details about how to donate via PayPal without a PayPal account. Sorry about this…. you have to click the very small “Continue” link under “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Didn’t realize this was a issue (for a long time) until now. What a pain!!
    – Ashby


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