Katie Kits Helping Patients

We just heard from a woman named Shawna about receiving her Katie Kit at 21st Century Oncology’s Pontiac clinic:

Today was my first radiation treatment at the Pontiac office. I was feeling a bit anxious and uneasy about what I had to endure. The staff handed me a Katie Kit and I felt like somebody really cared and knew what I was going through. I feel like I know Katie even though we never met I know her heart was gold. Thank you to all of you fulfilling Katie’s dream. It truly makes a world of difference. I’ll definitely make a donation to this great cause as soon as I am able. Much Love. Shawna.

Much Love to you too Shawna.  So glad the items are making your treatments a little easier.  We will be thinking of you and wish you much brighter days ahead!

Thank you to all who have made donations and shopped at the Katie K CafePress store.  You made it possible for us to buy and donate the Katie Kits.  We are so happy to enable Katie’s vision of helping others going through such a difficult period in their lives.

While it is awful cancer affects so many, and that there even have to be radiation clinics in the first place, I know Katie is smiling knowing that we are directly helping those in need.  Katie had radiation treatment rounds at three different periods as her cancer spread.  So she knew how to make things a little more comfortable, and had the heart to think of others.

Thanks again for propelling Katie’s vision of direct impact.  In the skilled hands of the doctors and staff at 21st Century Oncology, we hope that there are brighter days ahead for those dealing with cancer.

If you’d like to learn more about Project Give-Back and the Katie Kits, click here.

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