More Katie Kit News and Happy Holidays

Well, we have some more news about the Katie Kits.  A second woman, Annie, left a Facebook comment on our last post, about getting her Katie Kit when she went in for radiation treatment.  You might have already seen this, but here is what Annie said:

I also received a Katie Kit at 21st Century Oncology on my first day of radiation. I was alone and full of fear and It was like getting a huge hug! 💕

So glad Katie and Chuck’s goal is being achieved in helping others.  Annie also very kindly made a donation to Project Give-Back enabling us to be able to buy another Katie Kit for another woman in treatment.  She included this note with her donation:

This is a small token of appreciation for the great comfort my Katie Kit brought to me during my treatment and continues to bring to me each day. What an amazing tribute to Katie’s life and immeasurable source of comfort and caring to other women going th…   (Note got clipped here)

I’ve talked to a Katie’s Mom and friends, and hearing this news about how the Katie Kits are providing some comfort just warms everyone’s heart, and reminds us about how small gestures and really help people going through tough days.

Thank you Shawna and Annie for reaching out in the midst of your cancer treatment, to give us an affirmation that Katie is living on and touching more people.

Last week we delivered another 14 Katie Kits for 21st Century Oncology to store and distribute.  Looks like about 11 or 12 women so far have received a Katie Kit since late August.  And we have additional money from the biking fundraiser, kind donations, and merchandise sales, to supply yet another 14 Katie Kits when the current stock is running low. Thanks for helping us help others.

With the holidays upon us, we would like to wish you all a belated Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Holiday are always a time for reflection, and while we miss our dear Katie K, she would want us to celebrate this life and enjoy each moment.

We decorated Katie’s house with holiday lights a few years back, with blue and white lights outside in the trees, and inside around the fireplace and dining room.  We were definitely the last house on the block, and likely the whole neighborhood, to take down the lights.  But Katie loved how warm and festive they made the house feel in the midst of all she was going through.

2012 Holiday Lights

2012 Holiday Lights at Katie’s House

I keep referencing this, but as Katie had arranged to be sung to us at the funeral, may all of your Let Your Little Lights Shine, both in your holiday lights, candles and fires, but also in your heart and soul.

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays this season.

Peace and Love,

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  1. Katie’s presence lives on in often thought of memories. She will always be missed.


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