Remembering Chuck Today – 3 Years

We are thinking and remembering Chuck Kramer today, three years after his passing.  We lost Chuck / Charlie / Charles suddenly due to heart complications in his sleep.  His charm, wisdom and advice were treasured.  And during the depths of Katie’s struggles with breast cancer and divorce, his support was unwavering.

Chuck you are truly missed for all that you did for so many people, professionally and personally.

To read more about Chuck visit his tribute page and browse the gallery of photos from his life.

Today we light memorial candles for you, and remember you fondly.  If you would like to share a picture of your candle, email us at

Click small photos below to show full size photos:

Miss and love you, Chuck!

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  1. I cannot believe 3 years have passed. He died far too young but passed away in the most peaceful of ways. He was a warrior for Katie and a dear friend who I miss.


  2. Beautiful tribute. Thank you Ashby. My love and memories of Chuck are ever present in my life. And my love for Katie is inextricably tied into that. I love to see him remembered here and I always think of them together somewhere now.
    Chuck’s love, his wisdom, his patience, his advice, his commentary and humor and his one-of-a-kind ways are always with me. Katie’s brilliant mind, bright smile, counsel and compassion, wit and sensitive heart are still here with me too. Community was such an important thing to them both. While the ache of loss still feels painful, this place of memories, photos and tributes is such a comforting and joyful destination.


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