20 Months, Fire and New Blooms

Doesn’t seem possible, but today marks 20 months since you passed on.  Miss you even more at times.  It is raining today, but lit a fire for you last night and sat with an extra chair, by the the flickering flames on the pleasant night.  I wrote to you again and listened to our songs and tried to feel your presence with me by the fire.  I know you are with us all now, in our hearts forever, but I yearn to see your smiling face again, to hear your calming voice and your joyous laugh, and to touch your soft cheek.

We carry on while missing you in our lives.  We honor you by trying to keep you in our hearts and minds, listening for your strong spirit to come through as that voice in our heads that guides us, encourages us and cheers us on.  Just like you have done for us – your huge circle of loved ones – on so, so many occasions before, you are still here to give us heartfelt advice and celebrate with us as we try and lead more present lives.  We now try to “Let Our Little Lights Shine” as you gracefully showed us how to navigate through some tough life experiences…  with Love and presence.

I am trying to repeat to myself more, the quote you highlighted from Eckhart Tolle – “Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world.”  Your life still inspires us today, and we will never forget the unique person whom we all loved dearly.

We honor you today with lighting candles and fires, and celebrating your continued presence in our lives just as your orchids bloom for us again and again.  We love you and miss you, Katie.  May we each keep learning from your example and listen still for your voice.

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Love you Katie!
– signed, All of us!


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  1. When Katie shared that Eckhart Tolle quote with me / us, it was and has been the most inspirational and helpful string of words I have ever known in my life. Katie really walked that talk through all of her pain and challenges – she was a person of grace those last two years. More than any other prayer or words of comfort, I go back to that quote and my sense of Katie to help me through times of grief, sorrow, fear or despair – thanks for reminding me of it today Ashby. Here is a mats prayer I also use: “May you be peaceful, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free.” Say it for yourself and others- in any situation it soothes me and it makes me feel better.


    1. So very true Holly. Katie working her magic again. And thanks for the mats prayer… I will use that too.


      1. It’s Meta prayer- sorry for the typo 😉


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