March Bonfire Love, More Katie Kits and New Design

We had a really nice Katie K bonfire at Tanya and Joe’s house two nights ago – gathering with a shared dinner of appetizers, great company of wonderful people, a nice bonfire outside as the rain ceased in time for us, and a cozy fireplace inside to warm us up later.  Feel so fortunate to still be in touch with the local Katie K circle, both those in attendance and those we missed this time.

There is a reason Katie remained friends with so many folks, near and far, young and old, and from as far back as toddler-age to just before she left us.  Some met Katie a little later in life and she touched us as well, as if she had know us for many years.  Hope that the larger Katie K circle, can also feel some warmth from the fire we had here, and the fire that is Katie’s memory and her presence in our hearts.  She lives on in each of us.

See the photos below of the gather group and the roaring fire outside.  I should have taken a photo of the good eats everyone brought.  (Click to enlarge photos, then click the white “X” in upper left corner to return.)

In continuing to honor Katie’s memory and her vision for giving back, the Katie Kits we have given away to women undergoing treatment have been much appreciated!  Many of you have helped to make Project Give-Back’s Katie Kits possible.  Sincere THANKS!!  In the next few weeks, with the remaining money we have raised, we’ll be ordering more Katie Kit supplies to donate another 17 kits to the radiation clinic, MHP Radiation Oncology Institute‘s Pontiac, MI location (formerly 21st Century Oncology).  This will increase the total number of Katie Kits donated to 46, since August 2015!  Huge impact for women going through cancer.

Incredibly, three women have donated towards providing more Katie Kits, after having received a Katie Kit themselves during their radiation treatment.  The most recent woman, Daniela, wrote in February:

I received the Katie K kit in December on my first radiation treatment. On one difficult day, your kindness made me feel a bit better and little more hopeful. With all my love, Daniela M.

Previous Katie Kit Recipient feedback can be found on this page.  And we got additional word back from the clinic staff that women are really appreciating the bags.  We are making a difference!

The re-supply order using the remaining money for the 17 additional Katie Kits will be the last delivery to the clinic for a while.  I will do some more fundraising again this Sept with another 150-mile 2-day bike ride.  Many of you have made Project Give-Back and the Katie Kits possible, sometimes by donating multiple times and with several Katie K Merchandise Store product orders, featuring Katie’s original artwork.  We sincerely appreciate all of your support!  If anyone wants to contribute to this last Kit order for while, see below.

We do have one recent but meaningful design addition to the store that some of you might like…  right now just on a bumper sticker and beach tote:  (Click to enlarge photos, then click white “X” in upper left to return)

Nick had asked me a couple months ago about making a bumper sticker from the bike billboard signage that was on my bike for the September 143-mile bike ride, which you all supported me for by donating $1200, that will be used for the additional supplies soon.  I redid the artwork a little and added the bumper stickers to the store.  You can show a little Katie Love on your car, notebook or the back of your laptop.  If desired I can add this image to other products and make those available as well.  Actually accidentally added it to a beach tote and it look kinda cool, so I left it in.  If you have product request, just let me know either in comments below or at
…. To purchase this new design, use the Store link (here or below)… and goto the “Recent Additions” sections.

For anyone still wishing to make a contribution towards Project Give-Back and in time for this last set of Katie Kit supplies for a while, you can within the next two or three weeks, by either donating, or getting Katie’s artwork on cool swag below!!

  • Donate to Project Give-Back directly to Project Give-Back via PayPal
    [You can also do so without an existing PayPal account – just look for the small “Continue” link below the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” section]
  • Visit Merchandise Store, where 33% of the cost of each item goes toward supplying more Katie Kits to patients!

Thanks again to you all who have helped make our delivery of 46 (or more!) Katie Kits possible so far.  Simply Incredible.  Katie must be smiling widely now, as we keep alive her vision of directly helping other women in cancer treatment with items that helped Katie herself!

Lots of Love to you all… Keep your bonfires, candles and internal flames shining brightly – singing “This Little Light Of Mine” when you need a lift!  Katie will be singing along with you.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate on this wonderful spring weekend!  The budding flowers accentuate the sense of renewal of this time of year.

Peace, love and thanks,

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  1. A lovely evening for sure!


    1. Indeed! Good seeing you all!


  2. Nice to read that Katie is still making so many people smile…. Even people she never knew!!! I miss her so much and so grateful for the connection I have made with you all through her. I love our little group and hope we continue our friendship through our lifetimes 🙂


    1. Katie did know how to positively impact people, right? And you too Kelli bring smiles to many, many faces! Both Katie and Nate loved you dearly. As you say, may the friendship bonds that Katie inspired for all of us all, near and far, continue on!!


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