Yahrzeit 2016 – 2 Years on Wednesday

Friends, the 2nd anniversary of Katie’s passing will be upon us on this Wednesday, July 13th.  Hard to comprehend that it has been two years already since we lost our dear Katie K.

Per Jewish tradition, Yahrzeit candles are lit at sundown on the evening prior to the anniversary.  These memorial candles burn for 24 hours honoring those lost.  Join us in lighting a candle (of any type) or bonfire for Katie — either tomorrow (Tues) at sundown (9:09 pm for Detroit), or sometime on Wed July 13th if you prefer.  Katie peacefully passed on at 7:48 pm on the 13th, 2014.

Like last year, I’d like to ask anyone who wants to share their candle (of any type) and bonfire pictures with us, to email them when you light them.  I’ll do a blog post tomorrow night around 10:00 pm (ET) and continue to update it throughout Wednesday with your photos.

Email pictures and any thoughts you’d like to share to:  TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com  As well, thoughts and prayers can also be left in the comments of tomorrow’s blog post.

Love to you all,

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  1. Candle is ready. Thinking of you all. -Alex


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