Sept 2016 Impromptu Bonfire Love

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day as it marks the end of a wonderful summer.  With the cooler temperatures also comes more nights for bonfires!  A couple nights ago, Jodi and Brett put out a last minute call to see if any of us could come over that night… and thankfully a few of us were able to make it!  Love Fall and the bonfires that come with it.  Nothing like enjoying the warmth of a fire and catching up on each others lives.

As well, we had a special guest Danny, whom Katie’s girls all knew from middle school on (or was it grade school?), but they hadn’t caught up in a few years.  So it was really fun for all to recount many stories from their times growing up together.  Lots of laughter!

I feel lucky to be associated with such a great group of people, including you all near and far… those that Katie considered friends and family.  Am always amazed at the level of care, concern and support that everyone shows for one another,  the intelligent conversations that happen, as well as the raucously funny humor everyone throws in too.  Those qualities are what Katie embodied as well.  So it is appropriate that we still be here for one another, like Katie would want us to be, celebrating life.  I always feel so much better after our bonfires.

Sept 2016 Bonfire

Sept 2016 Bonfire


Sept 2016 Bonfire (L-R) Danny, Ashby, Jodi, Amanda, Shana, Tanya

Sept 2016 Bonfire (L-R) Danny, Ashby, Jodi, Amanda, Shana, Tanya

May you also have your own bonfires with friends close by that can enjoy the warmth along with you, or candle-lit quiet moments of your own, that can each help you nurture your soul.  I say it repeatedly, but as Katie imparted with us, it’s important to remind ourselves to let our little lights shine.  So shine on and let us help each other shine brighter as well.

If you are in need of a laugh or a lift, know that Katie is still with you, and we all together are with you as well.  Katie was such a rock for so many of us all, and she gained strength from you all in return.  She would want us to celebrate and support one another in her absence, and as well want us to know she is still in our hearts.  If you are in need of a lift, a hug, or words of encouragement, feel free to comment on this site or send an email to  and we’ll rally around you.  Nothing can replace Katie’s sage advice, her listening skills or her loving perspective… but maybe you can also hear her words again if you calm your mind a little, or light a candle or fire.  That’s what works for me at times.

Love to you all and shine on,

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  1. Ashley, I have never responded before to your emails, but that does not mean that I have not been appreciating keeping up with the happenings surrounding the various activities related to Katie’s life. Thank you very much. Please keep me on your list. Sid Berkowitz


    1. Hi Sid – Great to hear from you! Thanks for writing and glad you are part of this big group. Katie treasured your teachings and advice, as did I. Hope you are well! Ashby


  2. Hi Ashby and all the Bonfire Buddies. Love hearing about your gatherings and knowing that you still get together to light the flames and warm your hearts and memories in celebration of Katie’s life. I am always there with you. Sending love to all. Thanks for all your posts Ashby. They are lovely.


    1. Hey Holly – Sending love to you too. Wish you were closer but glad you can feel the love. Hope your fire pit has some bonfires going in it. We miss you. Ashby


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