October Bonfire, and one grateful guy

Hey all –

We gathered again around the firepit last night at Jodi and Brett’s house, on a warm October evening.  I am always so happy getting together with this circle of Katie K Loves that it reminds me of the truly amazing person Katie was, highlighted by the friends that she kept near and far.  I said it last month, and I’ll say it again, this group is incredibly kind, caring and funny.  My spirit is lifted with each fireside gathering, email and text.  You all, both local and afar, stood by Katie through some really tough times and thankfully were also there to share in the joys.  I could almost hear Katie’s laugh again amidst the laughter going around the bonfire.  You girls crack me up, with the laughs never too far away even when the conversation turns serious.

I am one lucky and grateful guy.  Having known Katie, and knowing in turn you all as well.  Last night, the girls helped me celebrate my birthday a night early, with a couple of rousing choruses of Happy Birthday and of course sharing cake and ice cream.  A perfect evening – fire, cake and friendship!  Very grateful.  Thanking Katie for these connections.

And it is connections that make this life so rich.  And it is connection that Katie was so good at – being that person to so many of us that was always just a phone call away, who would listen, advise, and laugh with us.  You may not be with us any longer Katie, but the connections and love you built among us all, will last and keep spreading.

Hope you all can keep your bonfires burning, and feel Katie still in your hearts.  For she lives on in each of us, still bringing joy, connection, meaning and huge belly laughs, into our lives and loves.

October 2016 Bonfire Love - Debbie, Shana, Amanda, Erin, Barbara, Tammy, Tanya, Jodi and Ashby

October 2016 Bonfire Love – Debbie, Shana, Amanda, Erin, Barbara, Tammy, Tanya, Jodi and Ashby

Cheers to you, Katie! And cheers to the huge circle honoring her still.

Love to you all,

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