Remembering Chuck Tomorrow, Join Us

(New post with a tribute to Chuck can be found here)

Tomorrow, Feb 21st, is the Yahrzeit for Charles (Chuck) Kramer, Katie’s dear father whom passed away four years ago.  Join us in honoring Chuck tomorrow (or tonight at sundown) with the lighting of candles and remembrance of an incredibly supportive and loving person.

I’ll have a new post up tomorrow morning and will update it throughout the day with candle and remembrance photos that anyone sends in (to — and tomorrow will ask you to share any memories of dear Chuck.

You can read some memories of Chuck, view a slideshow and hear Katie talk about her dad, on the Tribute page.  The slideshow on this page can be slow to load sometimes due to the number of photos, so if you would like to browse through all the photos, visit Chuck’s gallery page.

Until tomorrow, friends and loved ones…  together our candles will shine brightly for Chuck.

  1. 🕯❤️


  2. ❤️ Only Love. Thank you for this Ash- will post my photo later tonight.


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