Remembering Chuck, 4 Years

Today is the Yahrzeit for Charles (Chuck) Kramer, whom left us peacefully 4 years ago.  Please light a candle for Chuck and share any memories or thoughts with us here.  If you care to share a photo of your candle or remembrance, you can send them to the email listed below and I will add to the gallery here throughout the day today.

Many of you knew Chuck much better than I, but I miss most his kind heart, loving attention to those near to him, true devotion to his children and family, and steadying influence to many.  He was a rock for Katie when she was going through so much.  He just had a way of making those around him feel that things were gonna work out okay.  Not to mention the calming and ease of his wit and humor.

Just after Chuck’s passing, in the midst of her grief, Katie recorded a little bit about what her dear father meant to her, and her brothers Jordan and David.  She mentions the motorhome trips, and the huge impact that Chuck was in her life.  If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to visit the Tribute page to listen, and view the slideshow there as well (the slideshow can take a minute to begin).  More photos can be seen in his Gallery.

The picture that hung on Katie’s wall, and still on Jordan’s, was Chuck in his element, behind the wheel of the motorhome.  Many family road trips were taken in two different motorhomes, Chuck and Tammy showing the world to their kids, one rest stop and campground at a time.

Chuck at the wheel of the motorhome, and "On the Road Again" now....

Chuck at the wheel of the motorhome, and “On the Road Again” now….

I know Chuck and Katie are still with us, in our hearts forever.  May they still be having more road trips together.  And may they be helping each of us on our own journey’s through life, by marking the way when we are lost and keeping a steadying hand on the wheel.

Missing you Chuck.  And missing you Katie.  Here is a photo from just 2 weeks before Chuck peacefully passed.

The Kramers at dinner (Feb 2013)

Chuck, Katie, Jordan, Tammy (Feb 2013)

And a few more from the gallery:
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Today we light these candles for you Chuck and remember your love…

I will be updating this page throughout the day.  If you would like to share a photo, email to:

Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments below…

(click on the photos to see full size images, then white “X” in upper right to return)

And be sure to check out the Tribute and Gallery pages.

— Peace and love to you all.

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  1. It is hard to believe Chuck died 4 years ago. He was such a “present” person. He always gave you his full attention when you were with him.


  2. That picture of Chuck with the beer can in his hand – seriously what a fox!


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