Happy Birthday To Nate Who Is 8 Today!

While we haven’t seen Nate since before Katie’s passing, and since he is now living in Germany, we are not sure how he is doing.  But, like last year, Tammy sent Nate a birthday present to his grandparents house hoping that he gets it.  It breaks our hearts not having any word about how Nate is doing.  But just keep Nate in your thoughts on today his 8th birthday, as well as going forward.

Katie always made sure that Nate had good birthday parties, so it is fun to look through some of the old party photos.  And wishing that Nate is happy with his cousins and family in Germany.  To see photos see Nate’s Gallery Page

Happy 8th Birthday to you, Nate!  In the last three years, you must have grown so much.  Hoping that someday he moves back to Michigan so we can see his smiling face and vibrant spirit again.

Missing you alot, Nate the Great!
– The Whole Katie K Community

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  1. Big Birthday Hugs to Nate. He had so much love surrounding him when he spent time in Katie’s world. I know in my heart he carries that with him and always will. Nate the Great is 8!!!


  2. Hoping my boy had a happy birthday. I wonder so many things – how he’s doing in Germany, if he’s learned to speak German. if he remembers English, if he remembers how much we all loved him. Chuck always called him a force of nature. Hoping some way, some day, he’ll make his way back to us.


  3. Hoping Nate has a wonderful birthday and that his life is going well. There is no way he could forget the love his mother and grandmother always showered him with. It’s a part of him.


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