Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Wanted to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I had the pleasure of spending the day with both my Mom and Katie’s Mom, Tammy, having a nice feast from Steve’s Deli and exploring downtown Royal Oak a little on this beautiful, sunny day.  Hope you all had fun with your kids and Mothers as well!

Of course, we all think a lot about Katie on this day, as her dream came true when little Nate came into her life.  Their connection and bond was unending, and I hope Nate still knows how much he was, and is still, loved both by Katie and all of us.

With Spring here, and the reminder of the renewal and persistence of life, it is wonderful to see Katie’s orchids just beginning to bloom yet again.  I think of it as a reminder that Katie is still blooming in all of our hearts, and she will always be along for the ride with us, showing her presence in beauty and light.  Stoking our fires with vivid memories of her compassion, love and perspective.  May your blooms continue to shine…

Katie's Orchids Blooming on Mother's Day 2017

Katie’s Orchids Blooming on Mother’s Day 2017

Also wanted to mention a very thoughtful note to Nate from Andi’s daughter, Jojo… who is missing both Katie and Nate, so Andi had Jojo send an email to the site here, explaining that Nate might someday get her message.  So very glad that Katie and Nate had a chance to visit dear Andi and her family in LA, a memorable and amazing trip for all involved.  Out of the mouths of babes, we realize that we all are missing Katie and Nate still.  They both had built incredible bonds with others with their huge hearts, which is why we miss them so.  You can read Jojo’s sweet email on the Emails To Nate page.

Just before leaving Tammy’s house today, appropriately a picture of Katie and Nate at the beach popped up on Tammy’s computer desktop background.  Never forgotten, these two dear hearts!

— May you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day today!  And may Katie’s love be with you all still.

With love to all you Moms,

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