Fundraising for more Katie Kits – Biking 300 miles in 4 days!

Like 2015 I am riding in two 2-day bike rides (in July and Sept), where I’ll be riding 300 (or possibly 400) miles total in the 4 days – doing 75-100 miles each day.  Riding these two rides to raise money for two great causes — to provide the sole source of funding more Katie Kits for cancer patients in treatment, and to also continue my now 10 year tradition of raising money for Multiple Sclerosis.

For the Katie Kits, dear to this community, this fundraising is the only current way for Katie’s Project Give-Back vision to be continued, of giving directly to women (and men if they wish to get one) going through cancer treatment.  To date, 47 women have received Katie Kits at the Pontiac, MI radiation clinic, and we’ve gotten great feedback as to how these have helped women during difficult days.

The incredible support from you all has allowed this to happen, so Thank You!  We’d like to ask again this year for your support in continuing to give out these gifts of hope, to keep Katie’s kind vision of this project alive and well, for those in the tough times of treatment.

I’ll be sending all sponsors a special mix CD with some songs Katie loved, old and new, after the ride in late September.  (Downloadable version will also be available for those without a CD player.)  If you donate before the mid-July ride, you’ll be entered in a raffle for a prize that I will pick up at a garage sale I’ll find on either day’s 75 mile route!  Also, one raffle winner for each ride will get to pick a short phrase for my bike billboard (see above photo of 2015’s billboard dedicated to Katie).  A favorite phrase from the past is “Screw Biodiesel, This Thing Runs On French Fries”.  You could pick one of this year’s phrases!  And new this year, I will be putting names of those who had/have breast cancer or MS on the billboard — so email me or leave in the comments below any names to add.

If you like to donate this year, the below button will take you to our PayPal page (you don’t need a PayPal account to donate)…

  • All money goes to buy and donate Katie Kits directly to patients.
  • Any amount appreciated!
  • More details about Project Give-Back can be found here.
  • Donate by clicking below button…

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  • Also, if you don’t mind sharing this post with the share buttons below, we can spread the word a bit and help more women!!

For the other cause I am riding for, if anyone would like to support the National MS Society, Michigan Chapter, you can do so on this page.

Thank you!!

Peace and love,

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