Happy Birthday Katie (and Katie Kits)

Well, on Friday, June 30th, a few of us were able to gather for what would have been Katie’s 47th birthday.  We were at the beach where Katie celebrated her 42nd, 43rd and 44th birthdays with Nate and the rest of us.  It was a beautiful day again by the lake, and could feel Katie’s smiling presence with us as we gathered to celebrate her vibrant life.

Jodi and Amanda’s kiddos and Karen’s grandkiddos were able to join in the fun and frolick in the sand and water.  The adults swam a little, and enjoyed some sangria and snacks while having a nice time relaxing, catching up and reminiscing about our dear Katie.

Tammy was saying how she (and all of us!) are still in awe of Katie swimming across (and back) the 1/2 mile wide lake, at two different birthday parties, once before she knew she had hole in her femur bone from cancer.  She loved to be in the water, and swimming like Bikram Yoga and running, was a true zen for her.  Glad that this lake had brought her so much joy both on the water and by it’s shore.  Some of her ashes are here, so she can enjoy the lake eternally.  Nate loved the lake, and his swimming lessons as well, so he carries on her love of water.  We hope his is swimming with his cousins in Germany.

At the end of the day, some rain showers shortened our celebration a little bit, but under the shelter of a big tree we sang Happy Birthday to Katie and had some of Jodi’s cupcakes.  Jodi’s daughter asked if we could light a candle for Katie, as the impact Katie made on our little ones again became so evident.  So Jodi lit a candle for Katie and set the cupcake on a chair overlooking the lake.

We watched with heart strings tugging, as the candle kept almost wavering in the slight wind, but kept seemingly re-lighting time and again.  The kids even gathered round the cupcake and were cheering the candle on, as we watched it burn all the way down, keeping Katie at the forefront of our thoughts.  This brought about immediate feelings/parallels of Katie’s strong spirit and persistence – and the fact that this little candle of hers was truly letting it’s little light shine on, again and again.  And it was like it was Katie sending us a message, that she is with us always, and to honor our own inner lights, shining on dim and bright.  With the funeral service that Katie planned with her dear friend Andi for us all, she wanted us to embrace the universal message of letting our little inner lights shine brightly, and the gospel choir singing “This Little Light of Mine” reverberated her message that was meant to inspire all of us from all religious backgrounds.

The tears were flowing at the feelings so clear.  We miss our dear Katie, young and old alike, but try and take some solace that she is still guiding us so wisely as always, now from deep within and all around our hearts.  She will always be in our corner, cheering us on as we nurture the little lights we have lit and will light, going forward on our journeys.  May we also support one another in these endeavors – sharing love and caring freely towards all those around us, on our adventures and struggles ahead.

Note that we will have a post on July 13th to honor the date of Katie’s passing, and will be collecting photos of your Yahrzeit and other candles lit for her on that day and preceding evening for some.

Katie’s Birthday Candle, Shining On and On Again!

Finding some shelter from the drizzle while watching Katie’s candle shine it’s little light

The kids watching Katie’s light light shine and shine again

Separately (and no pressure at all!), as the first of two fundraising rides is only to 2 weeks away, wanted to mention that we are raising more money to continue providing more Katie Kits to cancer patients.  On July 15-16 and Sept 23-24, I will be riding at least 150 miles (or maybe 200) over those weekends to raise funds.  Some prizes included, and additionally will be collecting names of anyone who has or is dealing with breast cancer or MS, to honor them by putting their names on my bike billboards.  Send me any names of people you would like honored, along with whether breast cancer or MS, to me at: TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com  If you would like to donate towards supplying more Katie Kits, you can use the button below or email me (above) for how to donate by check.

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— Truly, may your little lights shine on, and may we all love unconditionally!  Happy Birthday Katie Love!  You are with us always now.

Peace and love to you all,

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