3 Years Later – Katie Is In Our Hearts

Hard to believe it has been three years today, since we lost our bright star and guiding light, dear Katie.  Last night at sundown and throughout today, together we light Yahrzeit (or other) candles to honor Katie, and to remind us that she is still with us in our hearts, still being the voice of encouragement and trusted friend.

I had a hard time last year on this occasion fully summing up all that Katie embodied to all of us, as her reach into all of our lives was treasured and immeasurable.  Her love of Nate, of her family and friends, of all those she interacted with personally and professionally — was just enormous. She had a huge heart with space for so many in it, to lend an ear to us, to listen so deeply, to give all she could to us, and to be in our corner cheering us on. She was always pushing for the best for all around her, standing with us against the tide at times if needed.

With Katie still present in our hearts, today let us together light a candle for her, and to keep in our minds her message of stoking our inner flames, our little lights, to burn bright.  We light our candles to the love that Katie embodied and that still lives on in each of us.  We light candles to think of Nate as he grows up with his cousins and family in Germany.  We light candles to the collective that knew Katie and celebrates her memory. We light candles to the lessons Katie gave us about living in love over fear, and appreciating both the moments in life and all those around us on the journey. We light candles to the examples Katie left us of giving back to others more than we have received.

Today, Katie, with our candles we remember your light-up-a-room smile and energy, your kind heart, and the deep impressions you made on all of our lives. We now carry you with us every day, as you help us still nurture our own lights. Much like your orchids, you continue to help us keep blooming and shining brightly.

Please join us today in remembering Katie by lighting a candle near and far, and if you wish to share a photo or thoughts with us, you can email them to TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com or add comments below.

Here are some of the candles we light for you, Katie…

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I have a couple of orchids from Katie’s house and feel joy and warmth when they bloom. Reminds me of renewal and the persistence of life, beauty and light. Reminder of the serenity and the smells of Katie’s home, now doing the same still.

Katie’s Orchids Blooming Again

Not quite like the live rendition at Katie’s funeral service, but here is “This Little Light of Mine” as was Katie’s message for those of all religious backgrounds… May we all shine on brightly and help others around us shine as well!

If you have a fond or fun memory of Katie on this day, or an example of her love and self, please share it with us in the comments below… Whatever connection you had to Katie, we’d love to hear from you.  Photos can be sent to: TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com and I will update this post with them.

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Also, if anyone is interested, this weekend I am doing a 2-day 150-200 mile bicycle ride, fundraising to supply more Katie Kits to women cancer patients getting radiation treatment.  More info can be found on this blog post.

Love to you all, and shine on, friends!

….Check back here later today to see more memorial photos and comments….

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