180 Mile Weekend, Raffle Tomorrow, $1045 Raised So Far

Hi All –

As part of the effort to continue Katie’s vision of supplying Katie Kits to women getting radiation, I rode 180 miles this weekend: 102 miles on Sat and then 78 miles on Sun, on the back roads around E. Lansing.  Have been doing these Bike MS rides for a number of years for MS Society, but in 2015 and again this year, doing both the July and Sept rides to also raise money for Katie Kits.  To give back to you sponsors, tomorrow I am raffling off some goodies I picked up along the route!

Donate with the button down below by tomorrow (Wed) at 9:00pm, or let me know if you are planning to donate before my Sept ride, and you’ll be entered to win some Gifts From The Road!  On Saturday’s route, at mile 29 in downtown Eaton Rapids, at a small farmer’s market next to our rest stop, I bought some small jars of apple butter and blueberry preserves, and hauled them in my hydration backpack another 73 miles back to E. Lansing.  Then on Sunday’s route, there was a bigger farmer’s market at mile 59, where I picked up a whole pint of Amish honey that you have a chance to win!

I’ll raffle these items off tomorrow (and possibly a couple extra goodies to go with the small jars) from the pool of my Katie Kit and MS sponsors… with at least one prize guaranteed for Katie Kit sponsors.  As well, will do a another raffle for my Sept ride for a Frankenmuth Brewery t-shirt of your choice of size (1 for a Katie Kit sponsor and 1 for a MS sponsor), so donating will enter in that drawing as well!

Gifts From The Road: Honey, Apple Butter and Blueberry Preserves (and photo of Katie, me and her lab Emily camping in 1999)

Eaton Rapids Farmer’s Market, with goodies from Laurie

Before the ride, did a raffle of sponsors to have the choice of what was on my bike billboard, one side for MS and one for Katie Kits.  For the Katie Kit side, Katie’s Aunt Lizzie won and got advice from Katie’s Mom, Tammy, and picked “Pedaled by passion.  Driven by hope.” My long time friend and writer, Andy, help come up with this phrase and a few other good ones.  My therapist, Franklin, who taught at the grad school the Katie went to, won for the MS side and picked one word to describe the efforts, “Believe.”  In addition to the phrases, I also listed some of the Breast Cancer warriors among us that you sent in name for:  Katie, Barbara Woolf (my mom), Joyce Massey (my stepmom), Helen Jensen, Diana Kaluna and Jean Grierson.

Bike Billboard 2017, with Breast Cancer Warriors listed: Katie, Barbara, Helen, Diana, Jean and Joyce

Trained for 591 miles prior to this past weekend’s event, and will train more before the Sept ride which I am planning on doing the 100 mile route both days.  Helps to have great friends on a great team to spend time with on the road:

My BikeMS team, Circle of Friends

Katie rode with my, her ashes in the heart charm around my neck, and her fierce, encouraging spirit in my heart.  She would definitely do this ride with me if she was still with us, so it was appropriate that she traveled the country roads with me again this year.  It was a physical challenge, but well worth the efforts towards a greater cause in raising money for more Katie Kits, and keep Katie’s love continuing to spread to others in need of a hug on their treatment days.

Here is a photo at the finish of my 180 mile weekend, holding the yummy honey you can win tomorrow!

At the Finish after 180 miles, with the pint of honey I picked up on Sunday

More details about Project Give-Back and Katie’s personal selection of products in her Katie Kits can be found on this page.

All money goes directly to the purchase of supplies for Katie Kits, no overhead costs.

If you would like to donate, you can either do so online by using this link to PayPal (which doesn’t require a PayPal account to use):

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

– Or if you’d prefer to send a check, you can make it out to:  “Tamara Kramer”  (Katie’s Mom)
And mail to me at:  Ashby Woof, 6236 Worlington, Bloomfield, MI 48301

If you plan on donating online or by check, before the mid-Sept ride, just leave a comment below (or email me at: TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com ) letting me know, and I will put you in the drawing tomorrow for the Gifts From the Road!

Thank you to all who have donated so far.  Together we are spreading more love as Katie always did when she was with us. Your support is making this effort possible. Riding the bike is easy compared to battling cancer.

Peace and love to you all,

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