2nd Bike Ride Done, 172 Miles, $1467 Raised for Katie Kits

Thanks to your generosity, we have raised $1467 for another batch of Katie Kits to donate to the radiation clinic for cancer patients.  Did another 2-day 172 mile ride this past weekend, doing 97 miles on Sat and 75 miles on Sun.  It was pretty hot with the temp getting over 90 both days, but my teammates helped me get through.

The Sept bike billboard winner was my cousin Julia whom honored her son whom passed away too young.  Jack had a philosophy of “Hugs for Humanity” as a way to ease the world’s pains, so she chose a phrase to honor his hugs and the event!  Listed are also a few women in addition to Katie who have dealt with breast cancer, including my Mom and Stepmom. Riding for all of them and others affected.

Sept 2017 Katie Kit Billboard

My friend Aash won the raffle for the t-shirt from the Frankenmuth Brewery:

Sept 2017 t-shirt winner

Thanks to all of your donations, we will be able to supply a good number of Katie Kits to the clinic.  I had my heart charm with Katie’s ashes around my neck all weekend, so she both rode with me and inspired me to keep pedaling through the heat.  As well, all of your support kept me inspired to ride a little farther as well.  Have 1081.7 miles on the bike this year so you all and Katie have definitely been in my mind as we have succeeded in keeping Katie’s vision of her Katie Kits alive.

Day 1 finish off the 100 mile route

I’ll be sending out a CD to the sponsors with some of Katie’s favorite songs, as well as providing a digital download for those without a CD player these days.

If you’d still like to donate and get the CD / download, you can still do so either online or by check…  All money goes directly to buying supplies for the kits.

Button to donate online via Paypal (with or without a PayPal account):

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

To donate by check:
Make a check out to: “Tamara Kramer” (Katie’s Mom)
and mail to me at: Ashby Woolf, 6236 Worlington, Bloomfield, MI 48301

— Big thank you again for our 2017 fundraising push.  Success in spreading Katie’s love a little further!  Will post photos when we deliver the kits to the clinic.

Peace and love,

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