Katie’s Music

To use Spotify App (with full playlists) see below…

You can listen to each playlist when used with the Spotify app, available for free for many devices.  (Screenshots of steps at bottom of page) Click “Play” icon below and follow instructions to install and sign up for free account (via Facebook login or email).  On mobile devices, you might have to go here (U.S. link) to create a new account, or do so on your desktop/laptop first.  Come back to this page after installing Spotify, and play the playlists from here!

You should be able to listen to these in Spotify for free, without having to upgrade to premium account.

Here is the soundtrack of my life, in four acts. Enjoy!

I will be adding more details about what some of the tracks meant to me at different points in my life.

Act I (37 Songs)

Act II (40 Songs)

Act III (19 Songs)

Act IV (14 Songs)

Steps for initiating installing and signing up (through Facebook or email) for Spotify:


Click the PLAY button, and You’ll get to listen to the start of a song…


Then, Click “Get Spotify” if you don’t have it yet…


And then, Allow page to open Spotify…

Alternative Method to Listen to Tracks on Desktop/Laptop

We also have the four acts of Katie’s life in music here, and you should be able to listen right in your browser… though this doesn’t work on mobile.  Each Act is on it’s own page so be sure to check them all out:

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