Project Give-Back Heroes, You!

Hiney says THANK YOU!

Hiney says THANK YOU!

We are so, so grateful for the outstanding support of Katie’s vision to help those going through cancer treatment!  (Learn more about the Project here)  The list below are those who have either donated or purchased items in our fundraising store. If you would like us to add a link to your website next to your name, or details about your organization, contact us with our Contact Page or email us.

Whether you have donated or purchase something for $10 or $200, in our book you are a rock star!  We appreciate and thank you for your support!

—— For those donating in Chuck’s memory, we thank you very much for your thoughtfulness!  You are helping his and Katie’s vision become a reality.  Please visit his Memorial Page as well to share stories and view photos!

Be sure check out the merchandise in action page and send us photos of your products in your home, office or on  vacation with you.

Project Give-Back Hero Honor Roll

  • Carol Deanow (First Donation!)
  • Fran Brown
  • Saundra Sandler
  • Clara Ely (donation and purchase)
  • Tanya McNamara  (donation and purchase)
  • From Tanya: Bucket Bag and Coin Purse

    Click to see more of your Katie K merchandise in action…..

    Jill MacDonald  (First Katie K Merchandise Purchase!)

  • Murdoch and Deborha Campbell
  • Brian Onek
  • Nancy Rechter
  • Margaret Moore
  • Paula Overkamp
  • Barbara Woolf
  • Robert Brockman
  • Saundra Sandler Peck (donation and purchase)
  • Lawrence Dubin
  • Sherry Wasserman
  • Alex and Samantha Woolf
  • Luther Miller
  • Bernadette T. Thomas
  • Esther Zalenko
  • Janine Pulman
  • Salo Shulman
  • Janell Singer
  • Chad Keller
  • Cathy S. Dubin
  • Catherine Lambraia
  • M. Brandon French
  • Suk-Kyu Koh
  • Lori Skedelsky
  • Holly Shulman
  • Carol L. Lee
  • Scott Silverman
  • Lynn Barr
  • Elizabeth Solway
  • Ron Sachs
  • Cathy Richman
  • Amy and Adam Brode (donation and purchase)
  • Catherine Topf
  • Pamela Timreck
  • Andrea Wolf
  • Mary K Topf
  • Janice Erdstein
  • Helen Bradley
  • Jane Jacobson
  • Jon Desenberg
  • Joyce Massey and Ashby Woolf
  • Sidney Berkowitz
  • Helen Bradley
  • Judith Schneider
  • Lynn Heumann
  • Julie Borkin

(As of: 4/11/13  If we have missed your name just let us know!)

Thank you all for making this possible!

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