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It is a tough time for everyone to say goodbye to our dear Katie Kramer who peacefully passed on July 13th, 2014.  She touched so many lives.

We would love for anyone who has condolences, thoughts, memories or stories of Katie to share it here.  Share now, share in a month, share in a year.  Whenever you are thinking of Katie and wish to share, please leave a note.

Now or in the future, if you’d like to mail a note or card with a memory or thought to Katie’s mother, Tammy Kramer, her address is:
25715 Salem Road, Huntington Woods, MI 48070

As well, feel free to email the family at

— We love you Katie and our fond memories will keep you in our hearts and lives forever!!

Seasons of LoveRent Original Cast featuring Stevie Wonder

Just as she comforted us with during her funeral ceremony, an uplifting spiritual…
This Little Light of Mine (Let It Shine)
The Tennessee Gospel Society:

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As well, visit the initial posting of Katie’s passing to see comments from that day.

Everyone should feel free to write any thoughts or stories below.  If you would like to remain anonymous, you can use a fake name and/or email address (email address is not posted publicly)

We’d like to know:

  • I remember when Katie and Nate….
  • My fondest memory of Katie is….
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  • I always think of Katie and Nate when….
  • Katie would always….
  1. Still a little in a fog, as the last several days have been a blur. And I think many are also feeling this way, as Katie’s circle of family and friends is big. Her longtime friend Andi wonderfully orchestrated Katie’s wishes for her funeral ceremony, in which she did not want us to linger too long in sadness. The Gospel choir finishing the ceremony with “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine” was just another one of Katie’s gifts to all of us – showing us the way to keep on living in spite of sadness or adversity. Thank you babe, it helps. The many people gathered, in person and in spirit, the last few days are saddened but inspired by your example.

    Tonight, on this cool night, I am recalling all the long fireside chats we had on your back patio. Your friends and I will have many bonfires in your honor.

    Miss you.


  2. Ashby – I am so very happy that I got to meet the man who stood by Katie during all the wonderful and difficult days and treated her the way she deserved to be treated. It is a comfort to know that she was surrounded by your love and caring. Although we did not see each other much once she returned from Chattanooga, I thought of Katie often. We shared a close friendship while in grad school together and then moved on with our lives. But I never forgot her and I never will. My hope now is that Nate will have the opportunity to continue to know his mother and how much she loved him.


    1. Hi Fran – very nice to meet you as well. Sorry we had not meet previously. You have been a good friend to Katie. Thanks for checking in on her so often! We hope to share many memories with Nate.


  3. Yes Ashby. I am missing Katie so much. I too am still in a fog. Every bonfire from here on out will be in her honor.


  4. Charles’ St. Louis family also shares in the devastating loss of our kind, loving and devoted Katie! Her will to live and her resolve to overcome insurmountable stumbling blocks gave her the strength to fight and hold on for much longer than was expected. Tammy, Jordan and David must feel such pride in the manner in which she chose to accomplish so much for others during the last years of her life! She was an amazing young woman throughout her lifetime and truly an inspiration to all of us. Her dad, Charles, surely would have continued to be so very proud of her as she lived her life with joy, compassion and purpose. We loved her dearly!


    1. Thanks for the wonderful words Saundra. We took comfort in knowing Charles was waiting to welcome Katie. Miss them both so much. – Ashby


  5. Andi C. Schoffman July 22, 2014 at 11:29 am

    Can you tell my mother was the worlds greatest documenter. I know there is an imbalance of photos of Kate and me. But I must say…I keep playing them. And I long to call her and tell her all about last week.

    The longing is setting in…it’s an eerie ache and sadness that just washes over me when I get quiet. I miss you Kate and now that you’re gone I have looked at every corner of your wonderful site. I couldn’t do it when you were here. I wish I had gushed to you then…



  6. I miss the simple things about Katie – her warm smile, her cheerful hello and the love she gave. She was always trying to teach Nate the right lessons, and help him navigate though big feelings. And she helped us all navigate in our lives as well, with words of support and encouragement.


  7. Hello Tammy, Ashby and all who still visit here. I think of Katie quite often and haven’t yet been able to remove her number from my iphone contact list. I have a story for you. When Katie and I were in grad school together, I was flat broke and couldn’t afford much in the way of beauty treatments; I even let my hair go gray. But of course Katie was always perfectly put together!! 🙂 So one day in class I was sitting with my leg crossed in front of me, my foot on my knee. It was summer and I was wearing flip-flops. From two chairs down (we sat in a circle), Katie tossed me her exquisitely-smelling lotion. I looked up and she mouthed, “You need a pedicure!” I just cracked up. Times are better now, and I frequently get pedicures — always thinking of Katie with a smile. I loved her authenticity and frankness. I think that was a big part of our bound – two straight shooters who could handle the truth. The earth could use more people like that, and we lost one of the best.


    1. Thanks for that fun memory Fran. She always looked out for everyone!


    2. I also still have Katie’s number on my phone contact list. Makes me happy to see her name.


  8. A friend asked what was the most important piece of advice that Katie gave me. Her compassionate and caring is evident in her wanting me to be kind to myself. Always one to be critical of myself I am trying to keep her message close at hand, in these days when I am missing not being able to process my day with her.

    Katie, your fire still burns in all you have touched. Thanks for being such an advocate and great spirit.

    Miss you, babe.


  9. Katie loved to share her lotions and potions and scents with me. I loved the smells she loved and so I bought them too. The hand soaps that I pump at my sinks, The Japanese cherry blossom body lotion that I use after my bath, the candles and perfumes that she turned me on to– I enjoy these things daily and the memories of her enter through my senses and touch my heart.


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