Katie K Merchandise being Enjoyed!

We are so happy that you all are enjoying the cool products in the Katie K Merchandise Store!  You can also follow our Store Facebook page (different from the one for this site) to get updates, and help spread the word.

The purchases help fund Project Give-Back, and also get to have Katie with you on your travels and daily adventures.  We would love it if you sent us some photos of your Katie K items with you around town, on vacation, relaxing at home or wherever you take them…

Send us an email with photos of your Katie K goodies!

On The Town, Along Traveling and By Your Side…

  1. Shawna Martinez December 2, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Today was my first radiation treatment at the Pontiac office. I was feeling a bit anxious and uneasy about what I had to endure. The staff handed me a Katie Kit and I felt like somebody really cared and knew what I was going through. I feel like I know Katie even though we never met I know her heart was gold. Thank you to all of you fulfilling Katie’s dream. It truly makes a world of difference. I’ll definitely make a donation to this great cause as soon as I am able. Much Love. Shawna.


    1. Hi Shawna – We are sorry you are having to go through getting treatment. But so good to hear that your Katie Kit is providing some comfort to you, just as Katie envisioned. She wanted to give back directly and significantly to those like you going through these difficult times. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know your experience. Good thoughts and love coming your way from all of us! Hope you get past this rough spot very soon! Much Love back to you – Ashby and all of the Katie K family and supporters


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