Yahrzeit for Katie

This evening starting at sundown we light memorial candles for our dear Katie for the tradition of Yahrzeit. Tomorrow marks 7 years since she left us too soon. If you wish to, light a candle tonight or tomorrow, or remember her in your own way, as we collectively honor Katie’s memory.

I hope all know and feel her in your hearts still, and may the memories can keep the love that Katie expressed to us all, fresh in our minds. I have been looking at old photos, many on this site, and have been having bonfires in Katie’s firepit. Both bring warmth seeing Katie’s smile, remembering her wonderful laugh, and thinking of all the fireside chats we had. May Katie’s love come back to you in little or big ways, and may she continue to encourage us all in the pursuits of letting our own little lights shine brightly – be they a candle, a warm fire, or our own internal lights providing hope to others and in community together, all our lights inspiring each other.

July 13th is always a tough day, when the loss seems toughest to handle. When it seems like just yesterday that Katie was just a phone call away for us, and her gifts of friendship and love that she shared with us all were heard in the caring tone of her voice. I miss being able to talk about everything and share laughs even amidst any mountains life would throw up. Maybe if we focus on that love that Katie was, we can still feel her and let her wise voice still guide us, or remember some silly joke she would say to lighten our sorrow.

Starting tonight, we light our candles for Katie for the important part of our lives that she held and still holds. And may the candlelight help ease any pain as well as warm your hearts, both today and every day.

We miss you Katie, and love you still. Thank you for enriching our lives, big and small. Always in our hearts.
– From All Of Us

If you would like to share a photo of your candle or tribute on this post, just email me at TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com and I will add regularly tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.

Feel free to leave any comments at bottom of page

Tammy, Jordan and Mary’s Candle

Nick, Kitty and Larry Dubin’s Candle

Ashby and Barbara’s Candle

Tanya and Joe's Candle
Tanya and Joe’s Candle

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