Nate’s Photos and Videos

You can click on any photo and a Gallery Viewer will appear, allowing you to scroll/click right and left to the next photos.  You can view and post comments on individual photos when in the Gallery Viewer, if you scroll down under the photo title in the viewer.  To close the viewer, click the small “X” in the upper left corner.

— As well don’t miss the comments at the bottom of this page, where you can add to them too!

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Nate Graduates from Preschool! (June 2014)

Nate’s first Dance Recital (May 2014)

The Moving and Grooving class at JCC day care is a favorite.  Here is the dancing machine performing on stage for the first time…

Fun with Joe and Jack (April 2014)

Nate Turns Five (April 2014)!

Nate on Two Wheels!

Visiting Cousins Quinn and Harper in FL

At Mommy’s 43rd Birthday

Nate visiting Gabe and JoJo in L.A.

Out for Pizza!

Nate Turns 4!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!  He had a great day!

With My Friends…

Photos From Friends

Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

Making Clay for handprints (Jan 2013) 

— Photos

— Videos

Swim Lesson

Hanukkah Songs Part 1

Hanukkah Songs Part 2

Summer 2012

— Photos


Singing Happy Birthday to Mommy

My Best Friend Hein-e

Check back for more older photos to be added soon!

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