4 Years Later – Katie’s Love Persists

Tonight at sunset, we started to remember the vibrant life of our Katie K, whom left us too soon 4 years ago tomorrow (July 13th).  Light a Yahrzeit candle tonight or tomorrow (or a peaceful bonfire) and remember her wishes that we all “let our little light shine.”  If you’d like to share a photo(s) tonight or tomorrow to be included here, see below.

Let us all in this time of reflection, feel the warmth and presence of the dancing flames as Katie still guiding us, still with us in our celebrations and struggles, and still inspiring us to follow her lead by seeking out, and advocating for, truth and equality.  And may the candle lights, today and everyday, shine brighter within us, spreading outward to the other loved ones in our lives.

We miss you Katie on this difficult day, but we light these candles for you and the pure love you gave us and your darling Nate.  Your light was so bright for so many – and the same is still true today.

[Click thumbnails to enlarge photos]

If you’d like to share your photo(s) and memories, you can email photos to: TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com – or post them on our Facebook page post.  Feel free to share any thoughts in the comments below (though can’t do photos there).

– Peace and love to you all

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