Happy Birthday Dear Katie

On her birthday today, we celebrate the vibrant life of our dear Katie. A tough day is coming up in two weeks, as it will be 4 years since her passing. But try to use her birthday to joyfully remember the person, and mother, she was – her joy and tender care for Nate, her infectiously warm spirit, her kind heart, compassion and ability to listen, her wise advice and willingness to process with you, her fighting for those in need, her energy in confronting challenges and injustice, her wit in even the dark spots and her constant inspiration.

May she warm your heart and still guide you, today and everyday.

Last night lit a bonfire in Katie’s honor, and marked the midnight start of the her special day under stars and basked in the warm lights of the dancing flames.  For many, some great memories of bonfires in her backyard.  We were planning on our annual day at the beach to celebrate Katie, but due to the high heat, instead for lunch we are going to feast at one of her favorite places, Pita Cafe (or as she affectionately called it “Garlic Hut” – gotta love the garlic sauce on the middle eastern goodness!).

She touched many in her 44 years, bringing joy into so many lives.  So, to celebrate the day she arrived on the world’s stage and the impact she had, join us in doing something kind and fun for yourselves.  Indulge in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, a cool adult beverage on this warm summer day, sharing some laughs with your kiddos, turning up the music and dancing in the living room, or taking a break with a cup of coffee and a good book.

May Katie still inspire us all to live with compassion, courage, authenticity and an open, loving heart.

Happy Birthday Katie – we celebrate your everlasting love and share it with those around us.  You live on in each of us.

Fire is lit, and the hostas she picked out and planted here are thriving.

Approaching the start of Katie’s day. Her warmth is always present.

Let us all feel the warmth of your spirit with us, on this your birthday, and throughout!

Love you, babe!

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