Katie Kit Recipients

Launched in Aug 2015, Katie and Chuck’s (Katie’s Dad) Project Give-Back is giving Katie Kits to women (and men if they want one too) undergoing radiation treatment for cancer at the 21st Century Oncology clinic in Pontiac, MI.  Katie went here for her 3 separate treatment sets, each consisting of 15-30 visits for radiation.  We lost our dear Katie on July 13, 2014 to metastatic breast cancer, but her vision and kindness live on.

As a help to a dear friend of my step-Mom, Joyce, we sent a Katie Kit to Austin, TX, for Nancy who just started undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer.  Joyce donated the cost (and shipping) of the kit we sent, but also wanted to pay-it-forward and donated enough to cover an additional Kit.  So we did not take away from those kits going to the radiation clinic.

From Nancy…
Aug 25, 2015

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

Nancy texted Joyce that she LOVES her Katie Kit and all the items, including the great artwork on the beach tote.  Katie started creating her artwork after getting cancer, a new talent she didn’t know she had, which also helped her emotionally as she made artwork for her extended family and friends.

For Nancy, she also loves the beach tote because it is big enough to carry to treatment a blanket that another friend had quilted for her, as the treatment room is cool.  She uses the eye-mask in combination with her headphones (using her own iPod since she is not at the Pontiac clinic) and she forgets where she is during treatment.  The vanilla fragrance oil roll-on she says is really helping her to relax, and she describes herself as very anxious person to begin with!  Her comment about the Vitamin E and Aloe Lotion caplets was this:  (paraphrasing) “I read the included sheet about using the caplets on the skin after treatment, but the sheet doesn’t say just how well this works!”  She didn’t mention the water bottle or Eucerin lotion, but we hope these too help her.

From Shawna…
Dec 2nd, 2015

Today was my first radiation treatment at the Pontiac office. I was feeling a bit anxious and uneasy about what I had to endure. The staff handed me a Katie Kit and I felt like somebody really cared and knew what I was going through. I feel like I know Katie even though we never met I know her heart was gold. Thank you to all of you fulfilling Katie’s dream. It truly makes a world of difference. I’ll definitely make a donation to this great cause as soon as I am able. Much Love. Shawna.

From Annie…
Dec 4th, 2015

I also received a Katie Kit at 21st Century Oncology on my first day of radiation. I was alone and full of fear and It was like getting a huge hug! 💕

And a note with her kind donation to Project Give-Back..

This is a small token of appreciation for the great comfort my Katie Kit brought to me during my treatment and continues to bring to me each day. What an amazing tribute to Katie’s life and immeasurable source of comfort and caring to other women going th…   (Note got clipped here)

From Daniela…
Feb 1st, 2016

Included with her kind donation to Project Give-Back…

I received the Katie K kit in December on my first radiation treatment. On one difficult day, your kindness made me feel a bit better and little more hopeful. With all my love, Daniela


We wish that no one was needing a Katie Kit in the first place, but we are glad that these products Katie fine-tuned for her own treatments can be used to help others.

So nice to get this feedback, and to share with all of you have donated or purchased merchandise, who have made this a reality.  Katie initiated this vision when she was still with us, and you all are making life better for those also going through a difficult journey with cancer.

So thank you, one and all!

If you received a Katie Kit, and would like to say how it helped, or how it might be improved, feel free to add to the comments down below (don’t have to use your real name, or can omit your last name) or email us at TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com

We hope that your Katie Kit is helpful during treatment, and that someday soon you will instead use the beach tote to go to the beach, but this time filled with a picnic, beach toys for the kids, a bottle of wine and/or a good book to read with sand in your toes.

To learn more about Katie Kits, see the Project Give-Back Detail Page here.

Much love to you all, patients and donors!

The Katie K Team

  1. I received my Katie kit today which marks the halfway mark through my radiation treatment. The fatigue has kicked in full force as well as the uncomfortable side effects impacting my skin and causing physical as well as emotional discomfort. I’ve continued to work full-time and this is becoming more challenging especially having to get up much earlier in the morning for treatment. Needless to say, it was a terrific surprise being handed a colorful tote filled with perfect goodies that I promise I will put to good use. I appreciate this kind gesture more than I am able to articulate right now. The first thing I did upon getting into my car after leaving treatment was look up the website to learn more about Katie. She obviously was an amazing woman who continues to leave a positive impression upon so many that loved her and knew her as well as others such as myself. I plan to read more about her story and ways to pay it forward. In the meantime please take comfort knowing you brought a big smile to my face and warmed my heart ❤️ THANK YOU for your kindness and generiousity! S


    1. Hi there – So very glad that the Katie Kit is helping you get through a difficult time. Sorry that your treatment has so many side effects and hope you can keep on working. May the items that Katie hand-picked for herself, also assist you through this struggle. We’ll be thinking about you in the coming weeks as you finish treatment. Huge hugs to you! Thanks for reaching out. — Love from the whole Katie K community


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