One Year Later – Yahrzeit

In the Jewish Tradition of Yahrzeit, the one year anniversary of someone’s passing is commemorated.  July 13th, 2015 marks that day for our dear Katie.  Below are photos of candles, bonfires and other honors, as well as some written words from you all about Katie and how she is still impacting your lives.  Please feel free to share by sending photos to  and we’ll add it here. As well share your memories in the comments (or email them if you prefer).

We will celebrate this whole week as Katie Love Week, so please keep lighting candles and/or honoring Katie in your own way.

You can postal mail notes to:
Tamara Kramer
25715 Salem Rd
Huntington Woods MI 48070

And a song Katie wanted to leave with us:

If you have the time, I rewatched the funeral service a few weeks ago.  A true testament to who Katie was, but also an uplifting service with Katie’s choice of a Gospel choir.  Video is available on the Peacefully At Rest page.


In addition to some personal notes some of you sent to Tammy, Jordan and David – below are some things you wanted to share….

From Tanya McNamara:

Dear Tammy and family,
I’m thinking of you at this one year anniversary of Katie’s passing.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not reminded of her in some way and I can picture her smiling face. I miss her.
Love to you all. -Tanya

From Barbara Hillman (Photo above with the veggies):

Katie, Tammy, and I spent a beautiful afternoon in my kitchen exploring some healthy food options. We experimented with my Vitamix and made mini-smoothies and other concoctions to see what was a healthy fit for Katie. Needless to say, Katie weighed-in with her thoughts, opinions, palate, and research. It was a gift to be with her that afternoon.

From Sid Berkowitz:

I have just lit a candle to honor Katie–one of the most beautiful, sensitive and loving persons I have ever met. I am eternally sad that she is not still around.

From Larry Dubin:

I miss the presence of Katie in my life and the lives of my family members. Her energy for life and her commitment to do the right thing were very important to her and made for engaging discussions. Also missed are her loyalty and the love she expressed to her friends.

From Barbara Woolf:

I miss Katie and her fierce sense of justice for everyone, and her energy, and her caring spirit. What a lot of living she packed into her years on this earth! Too short but filled to the brim with her zest for life and love. The ripples are still expanding from her influence on all of us.

From Jon Desenberg:


I’m thinking of you and Jordan today.  I lit a candle and am listening to some of the music we used to live to in the long ago 1980s together.  Suzanne Vega, a woman with a beautiful voice we even saw in concert together once.

You’re never alone in your thoughts about Katie, she had so many friends and still does, we will always have her in our hearts.

Jonny Desenberg

From Elana Greville:

Remembering Katie today & always. Also miss Charlie dearly. They were two very special people.  Katie will always be connected with my amazing childhood memories of camp.  Late nights staying up, talking about boys, shaving our legs for the first time, sneaking candy & all the crazy camp fun.  Then BHS.  I felt like Katie had a good understanding and respect of all types of people and she was a friend to all who knew her.  She definitely got my quirky personality and we just enjoyed time spent.  When I saw her last, it was liked no time had passed. I’m thankful that I got to see her one last time in California.   I love and miss you, Katie.

**** More Memories In The Comments Below…

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  1. I love this picture of Katie with our doctoral cohort. Of course she’s front and center — as it should be! You always knew where Katie was in the room — a force to be reckoned with. No skating around Katie. But she never held others to a standard to which she didn’t hold herself. So rare in this world. Sigh.


    1. Great photo, thanks for sharing, Fran!


  2. There is a hole in my life without Katie. She transcended the role of a friend. She was a spiritual soulmate. She reached out to me when we first met at school and stuck with me during the most difficult time in my life. I miss our three hour telephone calls even though I hate talking on the telephone. I miss her advice and understanding. I miss her presence but feel her from another dimension. She will be forever missed.


  3. I miss Katie terribly. My connection with her was so strong. I miss her wicked sense of humor, her brilliant take on things, her total willingness to stand by her beliefs. She had such an impact on me and my family. She is irreplaceable. I love her so much.


  4. Andi C. Schoffman July 13, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    There is an immense gratitude that I shared a love as strong as the one I had with Katie. She made me feel so incredibly special and powerful. She had confidence in me and my children when we all lost our ways.

    I am still in deep longing and disbelief that the time we shared has changed. I believe we keep loving and learning from those that have left us. The relationship and lessons are changed but there so clearly still in a deep relationship with us.

    I just miss the other relationship with the Katie on this side. The Katie that I could call and she almost always stopped to focus on “what’s up?”. We went right into the real deal. There wasn’t ever much frivolous small talk.

    As for you Tammy…you are not at all alone. I love what Jon said. Your loss and pain isn’t comparable to any. But it is in concert with the many that adored your little girl and still cherish you.

    love andi


  5. Spent part of the day with Tammy and Jordan, and we walked along the Detroit Riverwalk, and threw coins in a fountain for Katie as we strolled along thinking of Katie on this sunny day. At dinner we shared more memories of Katie, at a Salvatore Scallopini where she used to work, in high school I think. Heavy hearts but good to laugh at some good shared memories.

    Tammy and Jordan both are very touched by all the photos and memories shared here and in the emails and mailed notes. Thank you all for celebrating Katie so, and supporting Tammy, Jordan and David in this difficult time.

    Like many have said so well, Katie absence is still a huge hole. Miss her smile, wisdom, wit, caring, loving heart and sense of justice. Keep Katie in my heart and that is crucial, as otherwise I would feel extremely lost and adrift.

    Thanks as well to you all, for making me feel as part of a large loving community that still keeps Katie close in your thoughts. It’s easier to go through this together.

    Miss you babe.
    Love, Ashby

    And keep the photos and memories coming… Declaring this Katie Love Week beyond the Yahrzeit day.


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