2 Years Later – Remembering Katie

Today we sadly mark the 2nd anniversary of Katie’s peaceful passing, which occurred far too soon for such a bright, vibrant light.  To honor Katie, together we light Yahrzeit candles stating last night and throughout the day today, as we are reminded on this day of the loss we all feel.

Katie is not forgotten as the vivid memories of her love of her son Nate, her family and her friends, still inspires us to better appreciate and nurture the love present in our lives, and to moreso live for every moment.  Her love was infectious and you could see it in all of her relationships, personal and professional.  That’s what I miss most, her huge heart and deep love for those around her.  So hard to summarize Katie’s life and qualities on occasions like this, as she was so unique and truly one of a kind.  But if I had to pick one word to describe Katie, it would be love.  She just was love, incredible love.  She doubted herself at times, but she truly gave from the heart in so many ways.

During the deepest struggles later in her life, she came to find peace in living in love over fear.  And I think all of us learned a little from the example she shared with how she approached her condition.  In the end, she gave us a lesson with her funeral about encouraging us all to “Let our little light shine” as the Gospel choir sang, alongside the traditions of her Jewish faith.

I am glossing over here many incredible aspects of Katie’s life, from her intense love of Nate and the joy she had being a mother, to the long lasting friendships she had, to the love of her family.  Feel free to share your memories of Katie with us here below, at this moment of reflection.

More Katie Kits for the clinic

More Katie Kits for the clinic

Yesterday, we delivered a few more Katie Kits to the radiation clinic as their supply was low.  The remaining Katie Kits will be delivered in the next week or two, so Katie’s mom, Tammy, can be there as well.  This batch of 17 Katie Kits is made possible by the money you all donated last September for my bike ride.  In total this will be an incredible 61 Katie Kits that the clinic has given to women, past and future, undergoing cancer treatment.  Katie and her dad Chuck’s vision to give back directly to patients in need, has become a wonderful reminder of the caring and concern for people that they both had in abundance.

A few of the women who have gotten Katie Kits have written to us and even donated to fund more Katie Kits, saying how grateful they were to get such a kind gift on a difficult day of their first radiation treatment.  And yesterday, one of the nurses again thanked us for what these kits mean to the patients.  Katie’s spirit and sense of compassion are living on through the donations you all have made to Project Give-Back through the years.  So thank you for fulfilling Katie’s dream and her desire to make a tangible, direct, heart-felt difference to patients struggling with the realities of cancer, as she knew firsthand herself.  Katie’s love has spread even further.

Katie's orchids still blooming

Katie’s orchids still blooming

Today we light candles in honor of Katie, but as we did on her birthday 2 weeks ago, let’s remember her in joy rather than in sadness.  Let’s remember her immense love and feel her love within our hearts still.  Light a candle today for Katie, and as well let Katie’s spirit encourage you to let your inner light shine brightly.  Every day we need to light and nurture the candles in our hearts and souls, and seek the love in life.  I think that is what Katie would want us to do, live in the love.

So, light a candle today for Katie… and if you wish to share it with us here, email it to:  TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com and I’ll add it with the rest below.  If you’d like to share another memorial picture on this day, feel free as well.

Together, we remember you Katie and together we will continue to think of Nate as he grows up in Germany for now.  Together we will continue to tell stories about your grand life and far reaching impact, and together we will cope will the devastating loss your absence still presents.  Together we will focus on the love that you possessed, and together we will feel the love that you give us still each day.

Together, we are honoring you Katie with our lights, near and far…  May both your and our own little lights continue to shine brightly!

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Not quite like the live rendition at Katie’s funeral service, but here is “This Little Light of Mine”…

If you have a fond or fun memory of Katie on this day, or an example of her love and self, please share it with us below…  Whatever connection you had to Katie, we’d love to hear from you.

Love to you all — shine on!

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Send photos to: TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com

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  1. Katie will always be remembered by me as a very special person who will never be replaced. Her unique personality and ability to love others and always ask the right questions is greatly missed.


  2. All of us at the Michigan School hold Katie in our heart and remember her light and laughter, her compassion and care and her incredibly radiant spirit.


  3. A friend just sent a Jewish phrase to me, “may her memory be a blessing.” Indeed it is, indeed it is.


  4. Katie encouraged everyone to let their light shine. Her light shines the brightest. The Dubin family sends love to all who are keenly remembering Katie today and what an amazing person she was.


  5. Katie was our Play Project therapist back in 2003-2004. She was AMAZING. Her laughter and joyful spirit energized the room. We were very lucky to have her!! We will certainly light a candle in honor of Katie


  6. Think of Katie often. Pray for her family and friends as well….especially Nate! ❤


  7. She was one of my first “New” high school friends…. 😞 I appreciate this page….. Peace & Love to all of you.


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