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Katie and Jordan (Feb 2013)

Katie and Jordan (Feb 2013)

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June 2014

From: Larry Dubin
Date: June 26, 2014 at 4:58 pm

To Katie,

You are a source of positive power that deeply affects me and my family.  Your beam of love comes across loud and clear.  We are very lucky to have you in our lives. That same beam is present and clearly visible whenever Nate casts his beautiful smile.

Larry Dubin

February 2013

From: Colette Simone
Date: February 17, 2013, 2:43:22 PM EST
To: Katie Kramer

Hi, Katie…yes, I still have it and cherish it…I’ve attached it and also pasted it below.

I am missing you much today…in reading this, I still believe you have changed many lives, just not in the way either of us envisioned when I wrote this nearly 6 years ago.

I am going to write you another letter…from my heart to yours…expect it soon.

Love you so much…praying…C


In Honor of my Dearest Friend Katie

November 17, 2007

When I think of you Katie, the first impression that fills my mind is the sense of your ethereal beauty and luminous spirit. I don’t know if you realize how truly beautiful you are, my friend. But, I am not just talking about your physical beauty, which is certainly fine; I am talking about the essence of your spirit which touches me so.

There is a gentleness about you which radiates to those around you…as well as a humility, and a graciousness that is amazing. I can see it in your face and the way you carry yourself, but I also see it in your heart and the way in which you reach out to others. But, make no mistake; my Katie is not a pushover! She is a strong, resilient woman whom I greatly admire.

Remember our days in group process? How could we forget! Those were some trying times on occasion…but you had courage to go straight to the depth of things. I would sometimes watch you with great respect, because I did not have the courage or transparency to get into the fray…I kept hidden often while you sauntered right into the heart of things and were not ashamed.

Katie, you are tenacious, a girl with grit, spirit, and zest! I love that about you. And even when life has dashed your hopes at times and brought great sorrow, you have never given up.

I remember when you invited me to Thanksgiving the first year we met. Well, I was too introverted to come at the time, but I’ve never forgotten your invitation to include me in your celebration. You have always shared your heart and been willing to listen to mine. We have had some wonderful conversations. At some level, I think we understand each other’s intensity…and that is a good thing!

Katie, you have an amazing future in front of you. There are many people whose lives will be changed by the work you will do. But my life has been changed just by knowing you.

Thank you for being a part of my life…it is certainly much richer through having you in it. I hope I can be half the woman you are.



From: Ashley Cunningham
Date: February 15, 2013, 4:49:00 PM EST
To: “”, Kathryn Kramer
Subject: For you and for your website

Dear Katie,

There is a lot in my heart and on my mind right now as I think about you. You have influenced me in many ways and I am so grateful to have you as a mentor and as a friend. You have given so much to me over the years. You have always been generous with your time and never have I met a more attentive listener. Thinking back to the way you interacted with your clients, with me, or even with strangers; in every encounter you were encouraging and sincere. I have since worked to emulate your qualities in my own practice and in my personal life as your grace and patience have always inspired me.

When I think about the day you told me about Nate, I just smile. There was such joy in your voice and so much love in your heart as you spoke of him. You also had a fearless quality in your voice as if you could accomplish anything – and I know this is still true! You never made a single complaint about Nate, even when he struggled to sleep more than a few hours at a time. You always put him first, just like every other person in your life.

I will continue to pray for you, Nate, and the rest of your family. And I will continue to think of your smile, your grace, and your vibrant spirit anytime I hear your name.


January 2013

From: tanya lanning

Date: January 25, 2013, 11:37:03 PM EST
To: Kathryn Kramer
Subject: hi

Dear Katie,
I think of you often. So I thought I would write this to you. I apologize in advance because I am not the best writer, and I am not very good at putting my feelings into words.

I was happy to be able to hang with you the other day. Sitting with you and talking about how you are feeling and what you are thinking about. You need to know that you are SO LOVED and one of the most beautiful, interesting, creative, funny, intelligent, beautiful (wait. I already said that), and TALENTED people I know or have ever met!

When I think back to meeting you in HS, I remember being drawn to you for the great person you are and felt an instant connection. There you were with your cool, black VW bug, cute curly hair, sense of style and smile! You were the intellectual, fun, and new great friend that could have sleepovers on a school night and float parties! I think of driving down Woodward listening to Joe Jackson and impressed with your ability to drive a stick shift. We shared the frustration of not “getting it” in math class when Ms. Backus tried desperately to teach us algebra. Do you remember having to see a different teacher for help? Oh, the joys of high school!

Then for a few years after HS I didn’t really see you much during college, but it never felt like you we some old friend that I couldn’t call. You know? The kind of friend you don’t see for a while, and then when you do, it’s like no time ever passed? You can just pick up where you left off. That’s the kind of real friend you are to me.

There are many memories that float in and out of my mind from years ago to more recent. I’ll never forget visiting you in Chicago and how much fun we had! I loved going out to little pubs that were local hangouts to you! Just the other day I was cleaning out a cabinet in my dining room and was looking at the wedding gift you gave me. It is a tall, white, vintage vase. It screams Katie! I love it and always think of you when I look at it. Now my list of reminders of you has grown. I can’t walk my dog or look at landscape without thinking of you. I will forever be reminded of you when I look at flowers and gardens or even play Bananagrams! The stylish and meaningful necklaces you gave all of us was so thoughtful, which again, scream Katie and are so undoubtedly you! Then, when I saw the art you’ve been making recently, I was blown away! I guess it just reminded me of what a creative person you are!

These few examples really don’t fully describe how I feel when I consider you and our friendship. Like I said earlier, I don’t feel I am a very good writer. I was forever a “B” student in English class no matter how hard I thought I worked!
I believe people come in and out of your life for a reason. You are a true friend and I am lucky to know you. I am a better person because of having you in my life! I love you little Katie!
XO Tanya

From: “Silber, Shana (S.)”
Date: January 25, 2013, 10:01:22 PM EST
To: “Kathryn Kramer”
Subject: Shana’s thoughts

Hi Katie,
It was great to see and chat with you Saturday. I just want you to know what makes you so special to me and what I love about you. First and foremost, you have the warmest, most beautiful smile – and some perfectly straight teeth in there too, I might add! Your laugh and your keen sense of humor are just brilliant. You’re so quick witted, my friend. I love how you can crack your gum too, only you and my cousin have this super cool skill that I can’t master if I try. I’ve also always loved your flowy golden curls and who knew how spectacular you’d look and how beautifully your face would be framed by your pixie do. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention your sense of style, WOW! In a short time you’ve made your new house a home. I so admire your ability to select the most fabulous pieces for your living room and how about creating art from fabric on a wood frame?! Fab! Not only is your style evident in your home but in the clothing and shoes you’ve carefully picked. Did I say shoes? I’ve learned all I know about shoes and brands from you J (thank you)!

Well enough about you and your fabulousness, how about our history? So I moved to HW in 79 – 4th grade with Mr. Worden (awful) and I met a great group of girls along the way that have become girlfriends foreva! You are one of them. I remember your float party, your cool blue painted room, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, laughter, the roller coaster of our teenage years, girls weekends on the west side of MI, etc. What a long history we have. Oh wait, what about ‘our’ song? I love that we both took some personally profound meaning from it and I don’t know about you but I’ve belted it out many a time and somehow it makes me feel better about whatever’s heavy on my mind. How does a song do that? By the way, big girls do cry, at least this one does. We’ve had so much fun and the threads, although squiggly at times, have always led us all to remain connected. I feel like this group of girls that have stayed connected in various ways and to various degrees is what makes us so special. It’s a bond I feel so lucky to have. It makes us all who we are and our friendships are truly unique. Not many have what we do. Through thick and thin we are there for each other and we support each other. I love you Katie and I cherish our friendship.


From: Shawn Rubin
Date: January 23, 2013, 12:45:10 AM EST
To: Katie Kramer
Subject: Hello

Dear Katie,

I have been reflecting on our relationship and I wanted to share my thoughts about you. Please forgive my clumsy attempts at poetics; I think it will be a more effective conveyor of what I mean:

Quite simply, You a Light unto the World.  Your passion and zest, your humor and courage,
Your love for children, human relationships and connection,
Your loving, kindness, patience, and brilliance,
Your giving, caring friendship.

I observed them all and experienced all of the above in our time together over the past 10 years: in the classroom, in supervision (where you taught me more than any other student and made me a much better child therapist), and in our fond friendship.

Expert in parenting and child therapy with children on The Spectrum, Ally to adults on The Spectrum, Hilarious & Edgy Comedienne, Stalwart Fighter against Injustice and Bringer of Meaning to those whose voices struggle to be heard and understood.

You have changed The World through your mighty efforts of love, giving, and courageous strength.  You inspire, teach, and give hope for a better tomorrow.  Your existence is a tribute to the best of what humanity has to offer.

Thank you for being a brilliant light in my world and to all the children, parents, families, adults, friends and communities you loved and care for.

I Love You and Am With You.


Thank you all, dear friends and loved ones! These mean so, so much to me! – K

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