July 13th, 2014 – Our dear Katie Kramer has peacefully passed away from metastatic breast cancer, after teaching us all alot about facing the unthinkable and living in love.  Her son Nate is now growing up in Germany and we hope to see him again someday very soon and send him our love…  We know Katie is watching over him.

More about Katie’s goal of giving back to cancer patients:

Breast Cancer Resources

An important post from Katie:

More details about Katie’s loving life and sad passing here:

Make yourselves at home here…

The Kramer family experienced a great loss with the unexpected passing of Katie’s dear father, Charles “Chuck” Kramer, on Feb 21, 2013.  We have set up a Memorial Page for Chuck where we are celebrating his vibrant life.  Please join us there to share thoughts and see some great photos from through the years.  He is greatly missed.

Launched on Feb 13, 2013, this site seeks to serve as a way for Kathryn (Katie) Kramer to speak to all of you, share some of her artwork and photos, as well as a way for you to do the same with her.  The last few years have been a difficult journey for her and she regrets not being able to be in better touch with friends and loved ones.  Visit the About page to learn more about her recent journey.

We have given Katie a BLOG to express her thoughts, appreciation for all of your support, and share some new photos and inspirations with you.  As well, there is a Hugs to Katie page for you all to add your thoughts and share stories with Katie, and a similar For Nate page to send Nate some love from around the globe.

If you have photos, videos, stories or anything else you would like to share, but doesn’t fit in the comment boxes here, email us at TheLifeOfKatieK@gmail.com , and we will post it in the proper places.  You can also use this email address to send private things to Katie, but please make this clear in your email that you do not want content posted here.

Our Contact page has a form that will also allow you to send private messages (no attachments) to Katie or Nate.

Project Give-Back is one way Katie wants to leave another lasting mark.  You can donate now, and we also have available for purchase items that have Katie’s original artwork printed on them as well, to raise money to fund this outreach program for patients undergoing radiation treatments.  Visit the Project Give-Back fundraising store here.

Browse the Galleries for artwork, photos and videos.  And please use the above email address to send us any you would like us to add to the galleries!

And lastly, we would like to share some of the Inspirations that Katie would like to share with you, and that others have shared with her.

— Do be sure to say “Hi!” to Nate, or send him photos with the above email address!! 🙂

And please see these blog posts:

Tribute to Katie

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