Happy 12th Birthday Nate!!

Hi Nate –

Hope you are having a wonderful 12th Birthday today.  Happy Birthday to you, dear Nate, whose smile brightens the day. We all hope you are doing well in Germany, soaking up time with lovely family and having great adventures every year. On this momentous day of yours, we hope there is plenty of cake and ice cream, video visits with friends and family in these COVID times (if you can’t celebrate with folks outside), and plenty today to make you feel special like the wonderful person you are. Katie often called you the mayor of preschool as you were friends with everyone, and cared for all. We hope in the pandemic times that you are able to still play and catch up with friends, in person or online.  Much love to you today on your birthday, and every day, as we all think about you and fondly remember how you make all around you smile.  Happiest of Birthdays, Nate!

Much love,
Bubbe (Grandma Kramer), Jordan, Ashby and ALL the people who love you back here

Hope that you got the card the Bubbe sent to you too!

  1. Chris, Becca, Willow, Norah and Wesley April 15, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Happy Birthday Nate, hope you’re doing well and having a great day!


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