Thank You All! Happy Valentine’s Day To You Too!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

Katie would like to thank everyone for their great well wishes, and is very, very glad you are all enjoying the photos and artwork.  She hopes you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  Here are some flowers in her kitchen window to share with you…

Going to have her do an inaugural personal posting here tomorrow, but wanted to let you know to look at the “Everything Nate!” and “Recent Photos and Videos” galleries, as there are some new photos that people have sent in of Nate and Katie.

Also wanted to give you an update on what has been happening today with the Project Give-Back Gift Packs and Katie’s Music page…..

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We have been working today to get the Project Give-Back gift packs nailed down and we have a prototype set of items configured, though the exact essential oils will be selected once the singles we ordered today arrive.  We are going to include a set of headphones for each person, so they don’t have to worry about sharing headphones with other patients.  As well, Katie wanted to add a comfy beanie to use in the cold rooms, and either iron-on a patch of her artwork on them.  The bag itself will have printed artwork on front with some text and this website address overlaid on top, and another piece of her artwork printed on the back.

We have added a way to donate via PayPal for those who have already requested about how to support the effort.

Here is our current plan for the gift bags (“Katie K Care Pack” or “Katie K-Pack”) will contain…

bag prototype

Click above to learn more about the project

Katie has updated her playlists on the Inspirations > Katie’s Music page, though we will be fine tuning them a little more.  She will be adding some thoughts about what some of the songs meant to her at different points in her life and why.  She was sharing the music with both her Mom and Dad at different times earlier today, and all got a little teary-eyed remembering the times associated with the songs.

Sorry if there are hiccups regarding using Spotify for the music.  Once you install the app, if you come back to the webpage you can then listen to the songs right from the browser.  Kind of a pain, but right now this is the best way to be able to share all these great songs (100+) with you.

Happy weekend everyone!

-The Katie K Team

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