Baby Lev, Birthday Party and a Photoshoot

Wanted to update everyone on some of Katie’s doings the last couple weeks, and catch up in posting some of these photos.  Click the Read More link below (or click the post title) if you don’t see the photos or comments.  Photos are also posted in the galleries.

Katie Meeting Lev

Katie Meeting Lev

Katie had a nice visit the weekend before last from mentor, boss and friend Dr. Rick Solomon (Ann Arbor Center, P.L.A.Y. Project), his daughter Onna along with her son Lev.  They brought a beautiful orchid and sweets, and Katie got to formally meet and hold little Lev.  They had a good talk about love, life and the miracle of having a baby.

This past Friday kicked off a fun-filled weekend.  Some of the girls were able to come over and celebrate Tanya’s birthday.  Photos and videos are below….    And then on Saturday most of the girls were able to get together for a photo shoot with the talented Nanette Carnick and then caught a bite of lunch afterwards….

Here are some photos of the visit from the three generations of Solomons:

Tanya’s Birthday Party

Katie:  I have known Tanya since 9th grade.  She has been a steadfast friend, especially in the last two years.  I will never forget waking up from my double mastectomy and seeing her and my friend Jodi’s smiling faces while I was hopped up on morphine.  And also accompanying me to two of my chemo treatments where she kicked my butt in bananagrams.  Tanya’s love and generosity has meant more to me than she will ever know.  It was an honor to host this small gathering to help her celebrate “turning 24”, again.  Doesn’t she look great?!

Some Photoshoot Proofs (more to come soon)

Katie:  Wanted to post a few of the proofs.  These represent some of the silly photos we took.  This group of girls, a few not able to make it, have been the greatest friends and support team I could have ever asked for.  I am blessed.  All of these women in this photoshoot have been friends of mine from grade school and high school, some friendships representing over 30 years.  I am eternally grateful for their love and support.


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  1. What a great circle of friends to have surrounding you. Wonderful pictures too!


  2. Bernadette Thomas March 12, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    On Love & Death: Your Father expressed the exact same sympathies to me years ago. He couldn’t have said it better himself.


  3. Katie, I love to see the photos of Lev in your arms! I’ve been thinking about our wonderful visit often and marveling at your ability to be present, loving, calm and giving at this time in your life. I have been wearing the necklace you gave me and getting lots of compliments! Sending love to you.


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