Nate’s B-day soon, and a Project Give-Back update!

Blurry :(  Nate helping Bubbie blow out her birthday candle!

Blurry… Nate helping Bubbie blow out her birthday candle!

Nate is almost 4!

Hello all….First off, we have an exciting week as Nate’s 4th birthday is coming this weekend.  Please visit his page and wish him a happy birthday, or send emails (and photos of your young ones wishing Nate a happy b-day) to

Nate helping Allison celebrate her birthday

Nate helping Allison celebrate her birthday

We’ll show him all the messages and emails on Sunday!  He is pretty excited to be turning 4 and we will have photos of the cake and presents to post next week!!

Project Give-Back Update:

We are getting very close to our fundraising goal in order to provide the initial set of Katie Kits to the radiation clinic.  Our sincere thanks to all who have donated or purchased items in our CafePress store for making this possible.  The Heroes Page is getting mighty long!!!  Many have given in honor of Chuck Kramer, and the outpouring of support in his name is truly touching.  As well, we have had some good sales from the products offered by CafePress, and we are happy both that you all have bought products at a markup in support of Project Give-Back, and that you all can enjoy Katie’s artwork in your daily lives.

Apologies are due to those who have ordered and signed up for CafePress’s (numerous) emails…. as they come almost daily offering great coupons and discounts.  Unfortunately, they do not allow us to enable the use of any of these offers in our store (that is run by them??).

Also, we are considering offering Katie’s designs on as well.  There are some cool customizations we can do to the products there, and even let you all use Katie’s art as a starting point, and then you can overlay text as you wish or zoom the image.  A little more complicated but we think some of you might have some fun with it.

Stay tuned!!  We will have a page at that links to all the product buying options available!

— And don’t forget to wish Nate a happy 4th birthday!

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  1. I removed the details about us changing the CafePress store — we are going to leave things as is for now! Don’t want anyone to feel like they missed a deal. — Ashby


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