Happy Fall! Summer Pics added to the Gallery

Happy October Everyone!

Katie is in good spirits and has had some fun over the summer, including some trips with Nate to visit out of town friends and family.  Her hip pain has decreased significantly since the spring, so she is more mobile.

— We’ve updated the gallery pages for Katie (click here) and Nate (click here) to show you some of the great moments.

More news from Katie soon  — Thanks for all of your kind communications over the last several months.

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  1. Grateful for this update. Thank you. Great pics, good times!


  2. In sharing how you are living, you are teaching us all how to better live our lives!
    Thank you.


  3. I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling better!!


  4. Oh, Katie, it’s sooo great to see you & Nate together having such delicious fun!! Of course, it’s spectacular to see how well you’re doing. I wish you continuing improving health! Judy


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