Bike Thank You for All… Some Music! AND Katie Kits to Gilda’s Club!

For the donors for my past bike rides for Katie Kit donations (and Multiple Sclerosis) I’ve mailed out CDs.  But in this digital / streaming age I’ve put together a long playlist to cover 2017 through 2019, if I end up doing the ride(s) this year.  As the world needs a little more love these days, (and playlists don’t cost anything to mail) just gonna open this up share these with everyone, and as Katie wanted us to do… Let the light and love shine on!!

The most recent playlist [ BikeMS 2017-19 (Be Love More) ] contains a range of hopefully inspiring, uplifting and ear-candy tunes about loving more – internally and externally.  Some songs and artists that Katie loved on here, selections inspired by Katie, as well as some influences from some of her girlfriends and others.

And the 2nd one is the CD I mailed in 2015 [ BikeMS 2015 (Love to Katie) ], and is a little about both love and loss, kinda where my head was at that year. Again, some music that Katie loved included.

Playlists are available below for streaming on both Spotify (free account option is available) or Apple Music (paid account only).  Download / offline options available for paid accounts in both.

See Below for Music…

Katie Kit Delivery Soon – Gilda’s Club

We are about to order a new set of supplies for about 15 Katie Kits with the money raised since last year.  As the radiation clinic still has a supply on hand, we are going to donate this batch to the Breast Cancer Group at Gilda’s Club in Royal Oak.  Gilda’s is a WONDERFUL organization – housed in a warm, 1912-built, big house that provides free cancer support and education for families and patients, young and old, with a whole variety of programs and activities, both here and at local hospitals.  More info at:

Glida Radner (of SNL fame) sadly passed away from ovarian cancer in 1989, but her husband and friends established the first Gilda’s Club in New York, to support all people impacted by cancer.  There are now chapters nationwide, and they continue to be inspired by Gilda’s strength, message and personality.

Katie’s mom, Tammy, for a long time had gone to Gilda’s Family/Friends/Caregiver Group, and later she and I attended several Family Bereavement Group meetings too.

— If you’d like to help us provide the local Gilda’s Breast Cancer Group with a few more Katie Kits, there still time to donate before we order the supplies.  To decrease shipping costs, we only order once we have money for a fair number of kits.  As this might be the last order for a little while, if you donate this week we’ll add it to this set of kits!   (The only difference is that we won’t include the headphones, as those are specific to using the donated iPods in the treatment rooms at the Pontiac clinic. And Brenda McDonald is not able to supply the beautifully customized LED candles she did for last year’s kits.)

2018 Katie Kit Items

2018 Katie Kit Items (Katie’s Artwork on 4 Bag Designs)

Apple Music Links (Paid Account Needed):

– On desktop, goes to webpage, that has a link (“Listen on Apple Music”) to open playlist in iTunes
– On mobile, will open Music app

Spotify Players (Free or Paid account needed to hear full songs):

Enjoy and love on!

– Share any thoughts in the comments…

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