Katie Kits Delivered to Gilda’s Club

Our hearts are full.  Dropped off the maybe last batch of 16 Katie Kits to Gilda’s Club of Metro Detroit and the Breast Cancer Group will get them Wednesday.  With the balance going to some of their other groups.  Glad Katie’s love and desire to give directly to those going through treatment has worked out thanks to you all whom have donated over the years, and purchased goods adorned with Katie’s artwork.

Katie wanted to give the women at the radiation clinic (and now Gilda’s) a big hug with her care kits, on some tough days of treatment, that Katie knew about well.  She sadly did not see the first batch of her kits delivered in Aug 2015 and not sure if she would have ever imagined we could spread some much love in the following years.  Total of 83 Katie Kits given out – a lotta hugs she gave out!

May Katie’s inspiration to make a difference to those struggling – be it Autistic kids, women facing cancer, or how she has helped so many of us personally through the years – lead us all to do that little extra for those in our lives.  And as she wanted us to remember, “Let our little lights shine!”

Gilda’s Club provides wonderful free services for families dealing with all types of cancer.

To learn more about Katie and Chuck’s Project Give-Back and the Katie Kits… click here.

Cheers to Katie!

2 of 4 bag designs (Katie’s Art!), and Katie Kit contents

Feel free to leave any comments below…

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