Honoring Katie’s Birthday Today

Please join us in remembering Katie today on what would have been her 45th birthday!  Some of us gathered on Sunday at the beach where we had Katie’s 42nd and 43rd birthday celebrations.  Though the temps were a little cool and the wind blustery, we had a nice afternoon being together and remembering Katie, including having some take-out dinner from her favorite, Steve’s Deli.  And a festive cake topped it off which both kids and adults enjoyed.

Only the kids were inspired enough to go swimming with the chilly wind.  The planned swim across the lake and back, to commemorate Katie’s two completions of the mile swim, will be done on a better day this summer.  With the wind blowing so hard, it would have been tough to pilot the canoe to support the swimmers.

Great to gather again at the beach that Katie loved so and to honor her birthday justly.

Later Sunday evening, Reggie, Barbara and I had an impromptu bonfire, where Reggie brought his guitar and made his public singing debut with “This Little Light Of Mine” in honor of Katie.

With her birthday today and approaching 1 year anniversary of her passing July 13th, we realize even more how much we miss our dear Katie.  Memories of just last year are close to the surface, as the time of year brings back warm thoughts of the Love that shined brightly from Katie, still with us then, and with us now in our hearts.

Her open heart and acceptance of all people — regardless of race, religion, gender or who you love — I hope still inspires everyone.  She believed in equality for all, including the kids and adults on the Autism spectrum she fought for and helped so much.

We love and miss you Katie…  Happy Birthday to you!!!

— Today I hope you all can light a candle, have some cake or celebrate somehow, and let Katie’s love shine through!  This one is for you our dear Katie!

Please leave any birthday wishes or thoughts in the comments below… sadly we can’t see all the Facebook shares, and would love to see you names and thoughts below!

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  1. Sheila DeBacker June 30, 2015 at 3:19 pm

    Happy Birthday Dear Katie! You are truly missed!


  2. It is, indeed, June 30th. I remember with great fondness your curiosity in my kitchen when we explored foods, mixtures, and all things possible. Thinking of an adorable little girl who grew into an unimaginably accomplished young woman. Peace….Katie…..


  3. This is so sweet and touching. Even though I couldn’t make it, I am so happy just knowing this happened. I will eat some cake, for Katie of course, and have some milk in mug she designed. Thinking of you, Katie. Happy Birthday!


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