Don’t forget to send us pictures tomorrow, and this week!

Just a quick reminder – we are celebrating Katie’s life tomorrow as it is the one year anniversary and in the Jewish tradition of Yahrzeit, we’ll light a special candle that burns for 24 or 26 hours, tonight at midnight.  But any candle or bonfire will do, or anyway you wish to honor her!  We’d love to see pictures and will share them!

Email to and we’ll post them on the One Year Later – Yahrzeit page.  Also you can leave comments on this page too.

Katie’s community here is pretty big, and we’d like to share the her love on this day, and the week ahead.

Tanya already lit a bonfire for Katie the other night:

Tanya's Bonfire to Katie - with her son making s'mores

Tanya’s Bonfire to Katie – with her son making s’mores

And I’ll be lighting this candle tonight….

Yahrtzeit Candle to be lit tonight

Yahrtzeit Candle to be lit tonight

So send us your photos and memories to

And visit One Year Later – Yahrzeit page for all the updates!

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  1. I have just lit a candle to honor Katie–one of the most beautiful, sensitive and loving persons I have ever met. I am eternally sad that she is not still around.


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