Project Give-Back Goes Live – Katie Kits Delivered

Well, I am sad that Katie did not get to see this day as we delivered the first installment of the 30 Katie Kits and the 3 iPod Nanos to the great staff at the 21st Century Oncology Radiation Clinic in Pontiac, MI.  Katie’s vision will soon be complete as they start to give out the Katie Kits to women (and men if they request) and hopefully make the process of getting radiation treatment for breast and other cancers, a little easier.

Katie got treatment at this clinic for three different rounds, treating her whole chest area initially, and then her hip, and later her femur, spine and rib.  The items in the Katie Kit are what Katie found useful herself, and with the kind donations and purchases of products with Katie’s artwork, you all have helped make this a reality.  Chuck was very supportive of Katie’s Project as well, and many of you donated in his honor when he passed away in February 2013.

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

Katie Kit Contents (and photo of Katie)

More details about the kits and donation info on our Project Give-Back “Katie Kits” page.

I think the staff at the clinic are excited about the Katie Kits and how they will help patients, with the aromatherapy, eye-mask, and lotions to soothe the skin after treatment.  As well, I think they are happy to be able to provide music during the setup appointment and treatments, with the 3 iPod Nanos you all helped us give to the clinic!

Hooray for you all – you have made the journey of cancer treatment hopefully at least a little easier!

Looks like the 30 Katie Kits we have now will last about 3-4 months.  I’ll be doing some fundraising next month with a 200 mile, 2-day bike ride in late September, to fund another set of Katie Kits and in honor of breast cancer awareness month of October.  So stay tuned for more details!

Thanks again to the many people who have donated and purchased goods with Katie’s artwork over the past couple years.  You made this possible!

Peace, Love and Thanks,

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  1. Ashby,
    This is an awesome tribute to Katie and a lasting legacy. It’s comforting to know how happy she would be over this. I look forward to hearing more about fundraising opportunities. Fran


    1. Thanks Fran! She is surely smiling! Ashby


  2. I saw this article and thought of how creative Katie had become during her illness.

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    1. That is very cool Elana! Thanks for sharing! Kind of reminds me of Katie’s artwork. Her artwork was also a way to cope with everything going on around her. – Ashby


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